jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 228

Tension mounts as Gojo's Domain barrier starts violently trembling, signaling Sukuna's interference.

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jujutsu kaisen manga chapter 228

The Jujutsu Kaisen fandom has been thrown into a state of shock due to leaked spoilers for the upcoming chapter. The showdown between the titanic forces of Sukuna and Gojo escalates, captivating fans and keeping them on the edge of their seats.

Chapter 228 of Jujutsu Kaisen begins with a gripping conversation among the characters regarding the logical reinforcement of a small-scale barrier for stability. Kusakabe expresses doubt, but Mei Mei reminds everyone of the countless impossible occurrences they have witnessed throughout their journey.

As the discussion progresses, Choso sheds light on Gojo's extraordinary ability to manipulate Domain conditions, drawing from his own experience of being trapped in the Prison Realm. However, skepticism arises within the group, questioning the plausibility of such manipulation. Mei Mei speculates that Gojo may have attempted to encompass the entire range of the Malevolent Shrine.

Tension mounts as Gojo's Domain barrier starts violently trembling, signaling Sukuna's interference. Yuta realizes that Sukuna has reduced the Shrine's range to amplify its power, putting Gojo in grave peril. Eventually, both barriers shatter, leaving Gojo exposed. To everyone's astonishment, Sukuna's own Shrine crumbles as well, revealing the significant damage inflicted by Gojo's previous attack.

jujutsu kaisen

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With both Domains collapsing, neither Sukuna nor Gojo can utilize their Cursed Techniques. Maki observes that Gojo can recover his depleted energy as he has done before, but Angel cautions that Sukuna, having witnessed Gojo's technique, can now do the same.

The battle reignites, and Gojo lands a mighty kick on Sukuna, questioning why the formidable entity isn't employing his other techniques. However, as Gojo ponders this, Sukuna's Mahoraga takes effect, causing Gojo to experience nausea and bleed from his nose. Fans are left to wonder if this is the end for their beloved Gojo.

Within the Jujutsu Kaisen community, anticipation and concern regarding Gojo's fate are rampant. Social media platforms are inundated with fans expressing their anxiety and hope for his survival. With the stakes higher than ever, readers eagerly await the next chapter, yearning to witness the thrilling conclusion of this monumental battle.

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