i am legend 2 release date 2023

The post-apocalyptic mega hit that was "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith was released ten years ago. Ever since the closing credits ran, anticipation for the next installment has been at an all-time high. Find out when I Am Legend 2 might be released, as well as the possibility that the story will have a different conclusion. Fans have been left wondering whether or not I Am Legend 2 has been canceled and whether or not it will be published in 2023 or 2024 since the announcement was made more than a year ago.

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i am legend 2 release date 2023

On March 4, 2022, various news outlets reportedly announced that Warner Bros. was working diligently on the sequel to I Am Legend, as stated by Screenrant. If you enjoyed the first installment of the I Am Legend film series, you will be pleased to learn that screenwriter Akiva Goldsman will be returning to write the second installment of the series.

Several years after the release of the first installment of the I Am Legend film franchise, speculations began to swirl about a potential prequel picture that would star Will Smith. However, this project was ultimately scrapped and never completed. The frequency of updates on I Am Legend 2 is increasing, although it is still unknown whether or not director Francis Lawrence will return; a contract for his return has not been signed as of yet.

According to Bolavip, as the majority of the project has not yet been formed and production has only just began, an exact release date is still uncertain; nevertheless, it is anticipated that it will enter theaters in the latter half of 2024 or the early part of 2025.

According to Byliner, Goldsman provided Deadline with a comprehensive sneak peek at the upcoming sequel during an interview. The events of the first part will have occurred a very long time before this one begins. In addition, he revealed that The Last of Us is his favorite video game series, and he praised the game for showing the beauty of the Earth some years after a catastrophic event. He said this was one of the reasons why he enjoyed playing the game so much. What are your plans for the time when the land on Earth is reclaimed by nature?

i am legend 2

i am legend 2 story

He made the observation that the fact that "man is not the main focus" is a wonderful thing. This predicts that nature will take over New York City in a much greater capacity than what we saw in the film that came before this one. The setting will play a crucial role in the development of the plot. However, the choice to base the sequel on the alternative ending of the first movie has been finalized as a decision and can no longer be reversed.

After discovering a cure, Neville and a few of these monsters first sacrificed themselves by setting themselves on fire. The husband of the virologist is consumed by the group's leader in the alternative scenario, which is the one that is more faithful to the novel written by Richard Matheson. He is held captive so that a potential treatment can be researched. After discovering that the aliens can communicate with one another, he releases the alien free and then goes back to his buddy.

There, Robert discovers that among the cannibals, he has grown to notoriety and is now feared. This information is revealed to Robert by the other cannibals. Bear in mind that this is where the story will continue in the next installment.

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