how to read Oshi No Ko Chapter 124 release date

Fans of the intricate property will eagerly anticipate the next installment. Fans of manga can anticipate captivating narratives, exquisitely depicted characters and settings, and numerous cliffhangers.

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where to read Oshi No Ko Chapter 124 release date

What to Expect in Chapter 124 of Oshi No Ko (Spoiler)?
In the following chapter of "Oshi no Ko," Aqua will likely decide what he will do with Ruby. Ruby appeared to have developed a new infatuation on Gorou Amamiya after Aqua gushed over Ruby's transformation into Sarina.

Aqua may use Ruby's innocence now that she has reminded him of the promise he made to her when she was Sarina. Ruby may have been attempting to lighten the mood between them after their emotional encounter by behaving humorously.

As the characters navigate their complicated relationships, it appears that the next chapter will have an intriguing narrative.

What Happened in Chapter 123 of The Oshi No Ko?
In a flashback, we see Sarina discussing Shibuya with Gorou, who reveals that he attended college in the area. Sarina discusses her desire to become an idol and reveals that Ai Hoshino was discovered in Shibuya.

Gorou informs Sarina that he will assist her with her ambition and accompany her to Shibuya when she is feeling better. He assures her that, due to her attractiveness, she will be surveyed, but warns her about covert scouters.

Gorou maintains that the entertainment industry is dangerous and states that he will be protecting her, despite Sarina's assertion that she wouldn't mind becoming an underground idol as well. Sarina stops describing Gorou as overprotective.

Back in the present, we find a sobbing Ruby who blames herself for only bringing calamity to those around her. Aqua notices the keychain with Ai's design immediately and attempts to comfort Ruby.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 124

where to read Oshi No Ko Chapter 124

Ruby requests her script, but Aqua denies her request, stating that it is not yet time to practice. Ruby becomes enraged at Aqua, claiming that he ascended the idol industry to exact revenge on Ai and Gorou.

Aqua persists in persuading her and prevents her from pursuing vengeance. Ruby attacks him, claiming that their sibling relationship is false and that it's too late for Aqua to be a sibling. She continues by claiming that they were reincarnated in the same location.

Aqua concurs and affirms that it is the truth, although he refers to Ruby as "Sarina" and states that he is not asking as Aqua Hoshino but as "Gorou." He reminds her that Sarina desired to be an idol like Ai Hoshino and to live outside of the hospital; she desired to wear dresses, sing cute songs, and receive an encore, making everyone joyful like her idol.

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