how to read Lookism Chapter 460

Eli Jang gets into an argument with his buddies who beg him to turn around, but it does not work. However, Eli Jang has seen all of his assaults, so he is able to easily block them. He employs Brekdak's forbidden skill number 3 and number 8 against Eli Jang.

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how to read Lookism Chapter 460

He gets bullied at school, but he discovers a mysterious skill that allows him to change his appearance, and this helps him cope. This magical skill comes with a whole host of complications, some of which Hyung-suk will have to solve by himself.

People who are looking for something fresh and thought-provoking to read will find that Lookism is a fantastic book to pick up. While simultaneously providing its viewers with an entertaining diversion from the mundane realities of life, it subverts the social conventions and expectations of those viewers.

This chapter is going to delve even further into the intricate characters' inner workings and the reasons they do the things they do. The engrossing plot of the manga ensures that readers will continue to be interested in it and look forward to each new chapter that is released.

In the next episode, we will find out if Eli Jang is able to forgive himself and whether or not he is able to return to his prior life with his friend. At the end of the previous chapter, he was eventually vanquished by his friend, who fought him and then told him that he forgives him for everything that he has done up to this point in the story. But the details of what really takes place with Eli Jang will be revealed in the following chapter.

Lookism Chapter 460 review

Lookism Chapter 460 review

Fans will discuss the most recent revelations and turns in the tale while coming up with new theories to explain what they think will take place in the following chapter. As we progress through Chapter 460 and gain further insight into the world of Lookism, it becomes abundantly evident that the manga continues to be every bit as intriguing and thought-provoking as it has been up until this point.

The novel perspective that Lookism offers on social conventions and discrimination on the basis of how a person appears has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. In Chapter 460, the suspenseful tale will go in a new direction. The main character, Daniel Park, will have additional difficulties and concerns relating to his appearance in the future.

The webcomic "Lookism," which is presently on its 460th chapter, continues to delve deeper into an engaging plot that has kept viewers fascinated up until this point and will continue to do so in the future. In this chapter, we explore the intricate dynamics of the relationship between two distinct characters, Daniel and Jin, who are later revealed to be half brothers.

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