How do I overcome the feeling of depression?

Many mistake intermittent depression with depression. Many ways may help someone overcome periodic sadness and despair. Depression often generates pessimism, desire, and pleasure. In life, and affects his feelings, thoughts, and conduct, making even ordinary tasks difficult, and it is accompanied by a collection of physical symptoms. Consult a physician if you have had these symptoms for a long period and have tried various treatments without result. Trust your physician and follow his recommendations to conquer depression.

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Change of ideas

A person's life is a reflection of his thoughts, and you can control yourself by controlling your thoughts. The mind deals with what you determine of positive or negative thoughts. Then to a psychotherapist, and to change your way of thinking to become positive, here are the following steps:

Identify negative thoughts

Sometimes these ideas are clear, and at other times they are more complex, as these ideas are generated in the form of three patterns, which are:

  • Expect the worst to happen, and the outcome will always be negative.
  • Thinking of something as absolutely positive or negative, black or white, there is no middle ground, such as "If I don't get first, I'm a loser."
  • Thinking about yourself critically and negatively, and blaming it, such as: “I am stupid”, “It is my fault”, and therefore identifying your thinking patterns and the negative thoughts that resulted from them, is the first step to getting rid of depression.

Reframe ideas

After identifying negative thoughts, try to replace them with positive ones, by focusing on your capabilities and strengths, for example: replacing an idea such as “I will not succeed” with a positive one such as: “I will try and do my best and I will not fail”, and rephrase all the negative thoughts that you have By defining it, and when a negative idea comes to your mind in a certain situation, remember the positive idea corresponding to it and repeat it over and over again, and with time, patience and persistence you will master the skill of positive thinking.

Relaxation practice

As it works to relax the nerves, and helps you get rid of the feeling of anxiety and tension despite its simplicity, and there are various ways that the body enters a state of relaxation, including:

  • Deep breathing: which is represented by inhaling and exhaling deeply and slowly and repeating the process more than once, as this helps to increase the oxygen level in the brain.
  • Meditation: It is to reduce thinking about everything that causes tension, which is represented by sitting comfortably and moderately in a quiet place, focusing all your thinking on a specific thing, and avoiding any idea that distracts you.
  • Yoga: It is a sport that relies on integrating the mind with the body, as it combines meditation, balance, and deep breathing.
  • Aromatic experience: Inhaling perfumes, vegetable oils, or other beautiful scents stimulates certain areas of the brain responsible for improving mood and relieving stress.
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