farhana movie review telugu

Farhana, portrayed by Aishwarya Rajesh, is a devout Muslim woman who takes on a job to provide financial support for her family.

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farhana movie review telugu

She joins a call center and quickly transitions to another department, where she develops an emotional connection with an unidentified caller. Eventually, she reveals her true identity to him and expresses her eagerness to meet in person. The film delves into the questions of what happens next, whether Farhana meets the caller, encounters any obstacles, discovers the caller's intentions, and whether she remains safe. All these mysteries are answered in the movie.


Aishwarya Rajesh has been impressing audiences with her performances in five different films over the past five months, and her role as Farhana is no exception. She delivers a remarkable performance as a responsible wife and caring mother, making it difficult to envision any other actress in the role. Her portrayal resonates strongly with female viewers.

Director Nelson Venkatesan takes a realistic approach to the story and presents it in a concise manner, devoid of unnecessary drama. He remains focused on the main plot without veering off into unnecessary tangents, maintaining a sense of suspense throughout the second half.

Actor-director Selvaraghavan deserves praise for his impactful portrayal, even with limited screen time and his face concealed to maintain the suspense. His dialogues leave an impression and contribute to the overall impact of the film.

The dialogue writing by Manushyaputhiran, Nelson Venkatesan, and Shankar Dass is thought-provoking, with several memorable lines. Jithan Ramesh, Kitty, and the rest of the cast deliver commendable performances, effectively bringing their respective roles to life.

While the story is good, the screenplay by Nelson Venkatesan, Sankar Dass, and Ranjith Ravindran could have been more engaging, particularly in the first half. Some scenes feel monotonous and could have been tightened to maintain the film's pace. Additionally, a faster pace would have turned the movie into a gripping edge-of-the-seat thriller.

farhana movie

farhana movie rating

The climax could have been better executed, especially in portraying Farhana's confrontation with the individual who caused her distress. The film lacks a strong climax and a compelling message, falling short of expectations. A shorter runtime would have greatly benefited the overall impact of the film.

The director presents the story decently, but the film could have achieved greater success with a more engaging screenplay.

The score by Justin Prabhakaran enhances the mood and intensifies the scenes, deserving appreciation for his excellent work. Gokul Benoy's cinematography is adequate, while VJ Sabu Joseph could have trimmed some unnecessary scenes in both halves.

The production values are high, evident in the film's visual quality on the big screen. The Telugu dubbing for Aishwarya Rajesh and Selvaraghavan is well done.


Overall, Farhana is a decent thriller that takes a realistic approach. Aishwarya Rajesh's character and performance are the film's highlights. Although there are a few unnecessary scenes in both halves, it is worth watching this film for a weekend entertainment option.

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