emmerdale spoilers next week

When Faye returns to the village the following week on Emmerdale, Mary will confront blackmail demands.

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emmerdale spoilers next week

Tracy and Nate have a disagreement when Caleb makes an unexpected offer, and Rishi attempts to reconcile with Jai.

1. Faye is back

Mary is intrigued when an unknown number requests a meeting via text message. Mary is astonished to see a disheveled Faye waiting for her when she arrives as requested.

Faye, a con artist, reverts to her old methods by claiming she has been sleeping in her car and wants a second opportunity to make things work with Mary.

Mary is not fooled, so Faye changes her strategy by threatening to release a nude photo of her unless she retracts her statement to the authorities about the stolen money.

Mary's dilemma involves Rhona

The next day, Faye continues her daring behavior by paying an unwelcome visit to Smithy Cottage and reminding Mary that time is running out for her to speak with the authorities.

Rhona cannot believe her eyes when she discovers Faye in her home. Mary confesses that she is contemplating exonerating Faye in order to prevent the release of the nude photo, but Rhona is unsure that giving in to blackmail demands is the best course of action.

Mary arrives at the police station.

Mary is irritated by Marlon's admission that he is aware of the extortion. She is dismayed that Rhona discussed such a private matter without permission.

When April expresses her admiration for Mary's truth-telling, Mary's mood worsens. She struggles to reconcile Faye's demand that she lie to the police with this acclaim.

As Mary's predicament reaches its climax, she visits the police station. Will she retract her previous statement?

Caleb extends a proposition to Tracy.

next week

what to expect in next week

Tracy has difficulty launching her proposed nursery after the bank denies her a loan. When Caleb discovers that Tracy is struggling to find an investor for her new business, he becomes reflective.

Caleb creates a dilemma for Tracy by disclosing he is willing to provide the money she requires.

Nate fears the repercussions

When Nate discovers that Tracy is considering doing business with Caleb, he is alarmed. He is aware that Cain will be enraged if Tracy joins forces with Caleb following his recent deception.

Tracy is unimpressed and accuses Nate of placing Cain's approbation above the welfare of their family.

Nate and Mack are given terrible news.

Cain advises Moira to dismiss either Nate or Mack as the property struggles. Moira informs the two men that their employment will be determined by a competitive interview procedure in which they will compete against one another.

The disappointing update compels Tracy to accept Caleb's offer, which she does by calling him.

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