Blue Lock Chapter 226 Spoiler

Fans were able to see Ubers initiate another counterattack as the master striker Marc Snuffy managed to intercept a pass from Yukimiya to Isagi. This information was revealed after the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 226 were made public. Snuffy had anticipated that everything would go according to plan, but the team's ace decided that they no longer wanted to follow the master striker's strategy.

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Blue Lock Chapter 226 Spoiler

Gagamaru was able to block Barou's shot in the previous chapter, and then he started the counterattack by passing the ball to Isagi so that Bastard Munchen could get back in the game. Isagi was accompanied by Yukimiya and Noa. However, not long after Aiku fouled Noa, Isagi and Yukimiya were left to continue the offensive on their own. This happened shortly after Noa had been fouled. Snuffy was able to successfully steal the ball away from them despite the fact that they were not operating on the same wavelength.

The following chapter will be titled "Retirement Notice," as indicated by the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 226, which can be seen here. The next episode will begin up from where the previous one left off, with Snuffy's world-class brain having managed to catch the minor mistake that Yukimiya had made. After successfully stealing the ball, he launched a brand new counterattack for Ubers.

After that, the spoilers for Blue Lock chapter 226 concentrated on Isagi's lengthy monologue. He was angry that in spite of the fact that his attack design was flawless, it was unsuccessful owing to some insignificant misunderstandings in communication. However, Isagi did not hold Yukimiya Kenyu accountable for the goal because he considered that if Yukimiya Kenyu were a capable striker, he should have been able to score the goal from the pass that he was given.

Blue Lock Chapter 226

Blue Lock Chapter 226 release date

Isagi did not have much time to reflect over his last attack because Ubers were about to launch their own, so he swiftly turned to defense mode in order to stop them. Despite this, Ubers appeared to be in complete command despite the fact that additional players had pushed their way to the front of the queue, which caused it to become rather congested. Gagamaru was thrown into disarray as a result of the growing throng since he was unable to determine where Barou's shot could have originated.

Nevertheless, because Isagi was working his way back to the ball, he was able to see where Barou was positioning himself and when he would be able to shoot the ball. As a result, he endeavored to make the most of his metavision and kept track of where each player was located. Isagi was left with a bitter taste in her mouth by Barou's actions. Even if he knew that Ubers' strategies were designed to help the team as a whole win, it was nevertheless out of character for Barou to allow himself to be controlled by another player. As a result, he believed that Barou had evolved into an uninteresting and egotistical striker.

When Barou had possession of the final ball that Don Lorenzo had passed to him, everyone anticipated that he would fire it. Barou, on the other hand, decided not to fire the ball when Isagi moved into position to prevent him from doing so. While everyone else was taken aback by Barou's deviation from Ubers' norm, he quietly approached Snuffy. Barou was left feeling uncomfortable after Bastard Munchen had stopped him for a total of four times.

The master striker had explained to him in the past that Barou would ascend to the throne if all he did was follow Snuffy's strategies. However, it is clear that the expert striker's strategies were unsuccessful on multiple occasions. As a result, Barou made the decision to step down from his role as the leader of Ubers and his important role as the team's star striker. As a consequence of this, Barou was treated as an outlier by the Ubers crew.

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