attack on titan season 4 spoiler

This article contains significant Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 (the first special) spoilers.

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attack on titan season 4 spoiler

After nearly three years, the final season of Attack on Titan will soon conclude.

Despite being labeled "the final season," season 4 has held fans' attention since 2020; however, it appears that Eren and the Survey Corps will shortly be seen for the last time.

Part 3 of Season 4 is split into two one-hour specials, and after the shocking death of a key character in the first one, fans are a little heartbroken.

The concluding episode of Attack on Titan is scheduled to premiere later this year. However, until then, there is a great deal to explore in the first special.

The first hour-long special of Attack on Titan season 4 part 3 caught up with Eren and the Survey Corps and made it abundantly apparent that our heroes will not have a happy ending.

It begins by depicting the catastrophic effects of the Rumbling, with terrified civilians fleeing in terror, foreshadowing the impending despair.

Armin and Annie almost admit their feelings for one another, but they are soon torn apart by Annie's decision to remain behind while Armin boards the airship to halt Eren.

attack on titan season 4 part 2 spoiler

Before our heroes can embark, however, disaster strikes. The fuel tank is riddled with holes, and the Rumbling is close by. In the most emotionally charged moment of the episode, Hange Zoe resolves to buy time for her friends by flying into the eye of the storm and wreaking havoc among the Titans before sacrificing herself in a blaze of glory. While she confesses to being "giddy" to be able to honor her fallen comrades in this manner, everyone else is devastated.

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attack on titan season 4 ending explained

Armin is named the 15th Commander of the Survey Corps, a moment that strikes even harder given Levi's decision to save him over Erwin in season three.

The crew decides that they will attempt to reason with Eren before resorting to lethal force. However, he calls them away to inform them that there is no purpose in speaking. As they realize on board the ship, he has refused to remove their Titan abilities, despite the fact that he has the ability to do so, giving them the freedom to halt him. Indicating that a significant confrontation is imminent, he tells them, "There is only one option for us. Fight."

The crew immediately launches an attack against the Founding Titan and the Beast Titan. Armin concludes the episode by asking Eren a crucial question: "Once we drag you out of there, how are you free?"

As we all know, Eren is obsessed with freedom, and his definition of it has become increasingly murky over the course of the anime, leading him to ultimately cause the Rumbling and pursue the destruction of the world.

Time will reveal how he will respond to Armin and explain his actions to his longtime friend.

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