Adipurush Review | Adipurush Rating

The film draws its inspiration from Hindu mythology, specifically the revered epic of the Ramayana, which holds deep significance for every Indian. Each character in the Ramayana is an iconic hero, etched in the collective memory of the nation.

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Adipurush Review | Adipurush Rating

recent attempts to bring the Ramayana to the big screen have failed to captivate audiences, including Balakrishna's Sri Ramarajyam. Nevertheless, the director of this Bollywood film, known for his previous works, takes on the ambitious task of adapting the Ramayana, starring the immensely popular Pan-India star Prabhas as Rama. Naturally, this has generated significant hype for the movie, which released in theaters today. Now, let's delve into the storyline.

Adipurush, the film in question, is an adaptation of the Ramayana. It begins with Surpanaka's encounter with Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana during their exile, culminating in Lakshmana severing her nose. The story then progresses to Sita's abduction by Ravana, Rama's alliance with Sugriva and Hanuman to rescue her, and ultimately, the war against Lanka. However, it's important to note that the entire Ramayana is not portrayed in this film, as the director chooses to focus on the Aranya Kanda (Forest Episode) and Yuddha Kanda (War Episode).

Bapu's "Sampuran Ramayanam" has ensured that the complete story of the Ramayana is widely known, even among the younger generation. Bapu's Ramayana holds a special place due to its portrayal of Rama as an ideal figure and Ravanasura in a unique light. In contrast, director Om Raut attempts to bring a fresh perspective to the tale, employing CGI technology and distinct visual characteristics such as a mustache for Rama and a beard for Ravana.

While innovation and technology have their place in retelling a well-known story, the film fails to evoke the genuine emotions and essence of the Ramayana. Excessive use of innovation and technology threatens the authenticity that the story demands, with certain visual effects resembling cartoons or animated movies.

The director meticulously plans an extravagant introduction for Rama in the first half, and the depiction of Jatayuvu during the Sita's abduction scene is quite impressive. However, there arises a sense of dissatisfaction among the audience at times, a feeling of something missing. The repetitive nature of the song "Jai Shriram" becomes monotonous and feels unnecessary.

Perhaps the director relied too heavily on this song to carry the film to success. Unfortunately, the dubbing contributes to the audience's dissatisfaction, with instances of mismatched lip-sync and dialogues that lack Telugu nativity. Furthermore, deviations from traditional character names, such as Lakshmana as Setu and Hanuman as Bhajirangi, detach the viewer from the Ramayana experience, occurring repeatedly throughout the film.

In the climactic battle scenes, the grandeur and impact of the iconic "Rama-Ravana" war from the Ramayana fail to materialize, possibly due to an overreliance on CGI technology or the director's desire to present something different.

Adipurush Rating

Adipurush Rating

The battle scenes, lasting approximately 40 to 50 minutes, begin strongly but gradually lose their impact. However, Prabhas's acting leaves no room for doubt as he delivers a stellar performance, fully embodying the role of Rama. His portrayal stands as the best choice for the character. Kriti, in her limited screen time as Sita, performs admirably. Special mention must be made of Devadatta, who plays Hanuman (Bhajirangi), delivering an exceptional performance and occasionally outshining Prabhas. Saif's portrayal of Ravana is commendable, although the character's development leaves much to be desired. The film could have benefitted from more focused editing, as several scenes lack coherence.

- Prabhas's portrayal of Rama
- Prabhas's impressive entry
- "Jai Shri Ram" song
- Effective background music in some instances

- Prolonged scenes
- Lengthy climax battle
- Lack of naturalness
- Inconsistent VFX work

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