Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 40 release date spoiler

Throughout his entire existence, Woonhwi So has perpetually found himself estranged from

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Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 40 manga

Throughout his entire existence, Woonhwi So has perpetually found himself estranged from his family and clan, cast aside like a shadow. His inner core, the very essence of his being, has been utterly obliterated, leaving him with no alternative but to begrudgingly serve as an inconsequential spy for the notorious Blood Cult. However, his monotonous existence takes an unexpected turn when he embarks on a perilous mission to retrieve the fabled Blade Scroll, only to meet his untimely demise and be flung back a decade into the past. As the fog of unconsciousness dissipates, Woonhwi discovers that he has been catapulted to the exact moment when he was abducted by the Blood Cult, but with an enigmatic twist—he has acquired an extraordinary gift that allows him to discern the whispers of a sentient dagger.

Attention, dear readers, for this captivating manhwa originates from the brilliant mind behind the renowned masterpiece nano machine (a true gem). However, it is worth noting that the enchanting allure present in its predecessor seems to be somewhat absent in this latest creation. The initial storyline bears an uncanny resemblance to another series, Murim RPG Simulation, a resemblance I was not anticipating.

Absolute Sword Sense Chapter 40

The protagonist, who was once naught but a disposable pawn in the game of life, fortuitously stumbles upon an enigmatic parchment that propels him backward in time, bestowing upon him the extraordinary ability to commune with weapons. And that, my friends, sums up the crux of the tale. From here on out, we follow his wild exploits as he embarks on audacious endeavors, all the while engaged in conversations on the side (sans any form of application... an intriguing notion, indeed).

The artwork, while satisfactory, fails to achieve greatness, and the combat sequences, though not subpar, fall short of being truly exceptional. Admittedly, with only 21 chapters published thus far, there remains a glimmer of hope that these aspects may yet improve. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed.

Our protagonist, whose spiritual core lies in ruins, succumbs to death after an extended stint as an inconsequential disciple of a sect by which he was kidnapped in his youth. But just moments before his demise, he harnesses an ancient scroll that grants him the extraordinary ability to converse with the spirits dwelling within blades.

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