37 charges against Trump in America

According to an indictment that was published on Friday, former President of the United States Donald Trump has been charged with 37 counts, including "keeping information related to national security" and "obstruction of justice" in the case involving the White House archives.

An indictment alleged that Trump illegally maintained documents after he left the White House, and that some of those documents held American nuclear secrets.

She stated that among the "secret documents that Trump kept in boxes included information about the defense capabilities of the United States and other countries" as well as information regarding "nuclear programs" in the United States. She stated that there was a likelihood that it might be published, which "would have put the national security of the United States at risk."

Additionally, the former Republican president is accused of delivering false testimony and conspiring with an aide to conceal records that were requested by the FBI. The former president is also accused of taking boxes of files with him when he left Washington.


Who is Donald Trump, US President-elect

Before beginning a career in business administration in his father's real estate company, Donald Trump attended the Wharton School of Accounting at the University of Pennsylvania. There, he displayed commercial success under the tutelage of his father, Fred Trump, who was the company's chairman at the time.

In 1983, Trump entered the real estate industry while his company was building buildings. Before beginning construction on the other towers that now dominate the skyline of New York City and all bore his name, Donald erected the first skyscraper, which he named "Trump Tower." During the seventies, his signature hairdo came to represent achievement in the business world.

He enjoyed making public appearances and mingling with celebrities, and he was the host of the reality show "The Apprentice" for a total of 12 years. On the show, he put potential employees of his enormous businesses through a series of tests, and he became famous for his catchphrase, "You are fired." And he found the fact that his popularity was growing among a sizable portion of American citizens to be entertaining.

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