When to cancel residence in the UAE

When is the residency in the UAE canceled? Are there exceptions to the supply of the residence period? Before answering these questions, we must know that the UAE is one of the most advanced Arab countries, since it relies in its system on technology, and it is inclusive of all cultures, as individuals from all countries come to it with the aim of working or studying, and through the Money Makers website we will discuss this topic.

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When to cancel residence in the Emirates

The residence visa expires after staying outside the UAE for 180 days.
Golden residency holders are excluded from residency cancellation after more than 180 days have passed outside the UAE.
The validity period of the visa varies from one type to another, as there is a visa whose validity is for a period of one year to 3 years, while the golden residency is valid from 5 to 10 years.
Enter the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation from here.
Click on “Login”.
Click on “Continue Login”.
Write down the username and password.
Click on “Login”.
From the bottom of the home page, choose “Cancellation of an employment contract (inside/outside the country) as a domestic worker”.
Click on “Start Service”.
Write the employment number and the employer's phone number in the fields designated for it.
Click on an entry.
Signature request from the employer and the resident.
Attach the application to a letter signed by the resident stating that he has received his entitlements from the salary and the end-of-service gratuity.
The sponsor submits a request for residency cancellation on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website from here.
Click on “Enter”.
Enter your username and password.
Click on “Enter”.
From the home page, click on “Services”, then “Individual Services”.
Click on “Start Service” under Iqama Cancellation.
The sponsor writes the resident's data.
Click on “Submit Application”.
He pays the application fees at the bank.
Bring all the papers required for residency cancellation.

cancel residence in the UAE
When to cancel residence in the UAE

A certificate proving that there is no objection to the resident's request.
Attach a copy of the UAE national identity card that the citizen holds.

Exceptions for residents staying outside the Emirates

The spouse of an Emirati citizen who was born outside of the country.
A member of the household staff who travels with a patient or student who is away from home for medical treatment or study.
resident of the country who is being treated in another country at the recommendation of a government agency.
Members of the diplomatic and consular staff representing the UAE are sometimes accompanied by domestic employees.
Personnel from the public sector who are transferred to other countries to get specialized training or education.
a resident student who lives in Dubai and leaves the country to pursue higher education elsewhere in accordance with the regulations set out by the General Directorate of Residency in Dubai.
Workers employed by the royal family's private service companies who are stationed at mansions located outside of the UAE.
Students who are in possession of a residence permit that is not over its expiration date.
investors who are in possession of permissions that have not yet expired.
those who have been suggested by or given permission by the President.

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