Abu Dhabi Healthcare Sector's New Emiratisation Target for 2025

Abu Dhabi's healthcare industry has been presented with a fresh Emiratisation objective, calling for the employment of 5,000 UAE citizens by the conclusion of 2025. The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DoH) recently introduced the Tawteen targets within the sector, urging hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare centers to boost the recruitment of Emiratis.

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Abu Dhabi Healthcare Sector Aims to Enhance Emiratisation Efforts by Recruiting 5,000 UAE Nationals

While it remains unclear whether individual healthcare facilities will have their own set targets or if it is a collective goal for the entire sector, the aim is to bolster Emirati presence in various skilled roles, ranging from doctors and nurses to administrative positions like finance, accounting, legal, and human resources. Dr. Noura Al Ghaithi, DoH undersecretary, emphasized that these Tawteen targets are aimed at empowering national talents and fostering their contributions to the healthcare system, thereby augmenting its outcomes and establishing a globally competitive, knowledge-based economy in Abu Dhabi. The DoH is committed to assisting all healthcare facilities in achieving this target by leveraging the Nafis scheme and associated tools to facilitate Emiratis seeking employment in the healthcare sector.

Praising Emiratisation Efforts in Abu Dhabi's Healthcare Sector

Ghannam Al Mazrouei, secretary general of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council, commended the DoH's commendable efforts to elevate Emiratisation rates and diligently monitor healthcare facilities to achieve the Tawteen targets. This positive response reflects the commitment to nurturing local talent and creating ample opportunities for Emiratis within the healthcare industry. By promoting Emiratisation, Abu Dhabi aims to enhance the representation of national medical professionals, reinforcing its position as a prominent global healthcare destination. The DoH's unwavering support for healthcare facilities, along with the utilization of the Nafis program and its associated tools, will play a pivotal role in realizing the Emiratisation goals in the healthcare sector.

Nafis Program: Empowering Emiratis in Abu Dhabi's Healthcare Sector

The Nafis program, a federal initiative designed to boost Emirati employment in the private sector, has incorporated the Medical and Healthcare Sector Cadres Development program to provide educational scholarships to UAE citizens. This endeavor enables them to acquire the necessary qualifications for employment in the healthcare industry. By offering educational opportunities, the program aims to cultivate a skilled workforce that meets the sector's requirements and aligns with the Emiratisation targets. As part of its comprehensive strategy, the Nafis program will actively support the healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi to achieve their goal of employing 5,000 Emiratis by the end of 2025.

Accelerating Emiratisation in Abu Dhabi's Private Sector: Healthcare Industry Takes the Lead

In addition to the targets announced for the private sector, the Cabinet has recently approved a decision to steadily increase Emiratisation rates by 2% annually for skilled jobs in companies with 50 or more employees. This move aligns with the overall objective of achieving a 10% Emiratisation rate in the private sector by 2026. The healthcare sector in Abu Dhabi has embraced this vision, recognizing the importance of promoting Emirati talent and contributing to the nation's workforce. Through these concerted efforts, Abu Dhabi's healthcare industry aims to lead the way in realizing the Emiratisation goals set by the government and further strengthen its position as a hub for healthcare excellence.

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