Urgent UAE .. an important decision for residents

The Federal Authority for Identity and Nationality, Customs and Ports Security has announced that the residence sticker would continue to be made accessible to non-UAE nationals living in the country free of charge using the mobile application known as "UAEICP" for individuals who seek to receive it in an easy manner.

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Making the residency sticker available for free through the “Identity” application

In order to save time, effort, and identification documents when dealing with expatriates who are living abroad and wish to apply for a new or renewed residency, the authority decided last year to stop working on the residency sticker in the passports of foreign residents in the country and to rely instead on the identity card issued to the foreigner to prove his residency.

To obtain the poster, foreign nationals living in the nation can download the Authority's application, log in with their username and password, or by using their digital ID. This will display the resident's window, where they can apply for all services that are offered and view their wallet, which contains their picture Emirates ID card and residency sticker. They can also download the window in "PDF" format and share it with whoever they choose.

The "Identity and Nationality" confirmed that it has put in place all the technical facilities required to obtain the residence information of individuals through a printed form that can be applied for with the Authority's stamp, through accounts of individuals using the Authority's application, or through the smart services system through the website (www.icp.gov.ae), which allows the ability to print the residence information form in specific easy steps.

 an important decision for residents
Urgent UAE .. an important decision for residents

The customer begins the steps by entering the authority's website, choosing smart channels, and then logging in. She explained that residents of the country can print their residency details electronically on the authority's website or smart application by following a few simple steps, and that it offers printing service to individuals and institutions. The last step is to complete the application information and pay the required costs for the service. You may access the system using a personal or corporate account, choose the service via the control panel, and then submit your request.

What is the residence visa sticker?

To be eligible for a residence visa, expats must first acquire a visiting visa or entrance permission to the United Arab Emirates. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and seeking for a residence visa must demonstrate their overall health via a medical check. You must "also pass the security test and apply for an Emirates ID card from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship," according to the UAE government website. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs applies the resident visa sticker to your passport when the necessary steps have been completed.

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