UAE workers enjoy Eid Al Adha celebrations

Across the UAE, Eid Al Adha festivities were held to pay homage to the invaluable role played by blue-collar workers in the country's development. Workers came together in large numbers to partake in live music performances, art exhibitions, and relish in an array of delectable street food options. As part of the celebrations.

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UAE Unites to Celebrate the Contributions of Blue-Collar Workers

workers were also provided with free medical screenings during the extended holiday period. The Dubai Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs, in collaboration with Dubai Police, orchestrated three days of activities, with grand festivals set up in Al Quoz, Jebel Ali, and Al Muhaisnah. These events were organized with the aim of recognizing the dedication and hard work of blue-collar workers and giving them an opportunity to celebrate the religious holiday.

UAE's Commitment to Enhancing Worker Welfare and Happiness

The committee, which is dedicated to improving the welfare and working conditions of laborers in Dubai, expressed its intention to create something special for the approximately one million workers in the city. Committee chairman Maj Gen Obaid bin Suroor emphasized the importance of acknowledging the contributions of blue-collar workers and providing them with a platform to celebrate. The festivities served as a means of appreciating the vital role and tireless efforts of workers, which epitomize the deeply rooted values of Emirati society, as stated by the Dubai Media Office.

Sharjah's Vibrant Eid Al Adha Labor Festival

The Labour Standards Development Authority in Sharjah organized the Eid Al Adha Labor Festival at the Labor Park in Al Sajaa Industrial Area. The festival featured an array of cultural programs, including free medical examinations, awareness campaigns, artistic showcases, music, entertainment, and an Eid Bazaar that delighted workers with street food and Eid gifts. Authority chairman Salem Al Qaseer explained that following the tremendous response received during the inaugural Eid festival last year, the decision was made to hold the event for a second time, with the objective of further fostering social and cultural bonds among workers, gathering them together at the Labor Park in Sajaa to exchange Eid Al Adha greetings.


The UAE's Eid Al Adha celebrations exemplify the nation's commitment to recognizing and appreciating the vital contributions of blue-collar workers. Through a range of festive activities, workers were provided with opportunities to enjoy music, art, entertainment, and delicious street food. The events organized by the Dubai Permanent Committee of Labour Affairs and the Labor Standards Development Authority in Sharjah highlight the UAE's dedication to enhancing worker welfare, fostering cultural ties, and ensuring that workers feel valued and celebrated during important religious occasions.

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