UAE Provides Food Aid to Sudanese Refugees in Chad

In a compassionate effort to aid Sudanese refugees who have fled the devastation of their war-torn homeland, an Emirati humanitarian task force is delivering critical food supplies to Chad.

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Emirati Humanitarian Mission Nourishes Sudanese Refugees in Chad

Led by the Emirates Red Crescent, the Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Charitable and Humanitarian Foundation, and the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, the delegation extends vital support to the Central African country, which has generously welcomed a significant influx of refugees from Sudan in recent months. Amidst the ongoing power struggle between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, which has escalated into one of the world's most severe humanitarian crises, with hundreds of lives lost and millions displaced, these relief teams work diligently to alleviate suffering and improve living conditions.

UAE Humanitarian Teams Distribute Food Aid to Sudanese Refugees and Local Residents in Chad

Operating in Amdjarass, Chad, the humanitarian teams are distributing food parcels to both Sudanese refugees and local residents, conducting field visits to assess their needs. This initiative, coordinated with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strives to uplift communities in dire circumstances. Dr. Ahmed Al Dhaheri, head of the ERC Delegation in Chad, emphasized that the assistance provided aims to ease the hardships faced by Sudanese refugees, expressing the UAE's commitment to collaborate with local relief agencies to extend support to as many people as possible.

UAE Extends Comprehensive Humanitarian Support to Sudanese Refugees: Food Aid, Field Hospital, and Relief Material Transportation

In addition to the provision of food supplies, the UAE's humanitarian support includes the establishment of a field hospital in Amdjarass on July 9, responding to the urgent need for improved healthcare services to cater to the large influx of refugees. Under the directives of President Sheikh Mohamed, the facility primarily focuses on treating vulnerable groups such as women, children, the elderly, and individuals with chronic illnesses. Since the outbreak of conflict on April 15, the UAE has been operating an air and sea bridge to the region, facilitating the transportation of nearly 2,000 tonnes of medical, food, and relief materials to Port Sudan and Chad.

UAE's Unwavering Humanitarian Commitment Amidst Ongoing Conflict: Providing Aid to Those Affected by the Sudanese Refugee Crisis

Despite efforts to seek a peaceful resolution to the three-month-long war, progress has been limited. Nevertheless, the UAE's unwavering dedication to providing essential aid to those affected showcases the nation's commitment to supporting humanitarian causes and alleviating the plight of refugees facing dire circumstances.

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