UAE Commits Dh200 Billion Investment in Renewable Energy

The United Arab Emirates has unveiled plans to invest billions of dirhams in the renewable energy sector, as announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Taking to social media, Sheikh Mohammed revealed that the cabinet meeting approved an updated national energy strategy with the goal of tripling the contribution of renewable energy in the next seven years. To meet the rising energy demand resulting from accelerated economic growth, the country aims to inject national investments ranging from Dh150 billion to Dh200 billion during the same period. 

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UAE Commits Massive Investment in Renewable Energy Sector

In addition to renewable energy, the UAE also approved a national strategy for hydrogen. Recognizing the importance of clean energy sources, the plan aims to position the country as a producer and source of low-emission hydrogen over the next eight years. This will involve developing supply chains, establishing hydrogen hubs, and creating a specialized national research and development center for the hydrogen sector.

UAE Strengthens Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking and Protect Victims

During the cabinet meeting, the UAE also addressed the issue of human trafficking and emphasized its commitment to combating this heinous crime. Amendments to the law on fighting the unlawful transportation of people and forced labor were approved, including tighter penalties for offenders and the establishment of services for victims, such as educational assistance and measures for their safe return to their home countries. Sheikh Mohammed underscored the nation's unwavering stance against human trafficking, highlighting that the UAE has consistently prioritized humanitarian values since its inception.

UAE Approves Financial Stability Council to Safeguard Economic Resilience

Recognizing the importance of financial stability, the establishment of a Financial Stability Council was approved. The council's objective will be to enhance and protect financial stability in the country, monitor associated risks, and effectively deal with financial crises if they arise. Proactive measures will also be developed to prevent exposing the UAE's economic, financial, and monetary systems to high levels of risk, safeguarding the nation's economic development trajectory and preserving trust in its role as a global financial hub.

UAE Cabinet Approves Key Initiatives in Transportation: Self-Driving Cars and Electric Vehicle Policy

In the realm of transportation, the cabinet meeting marked a significant milestone with the approval of the first preliminary national license for self-driving cars. The license was granted to WeRide, a company that will conduct tests of various autonomous vehicles on UAE roads. Additionally, discussions were held regarding a national policy for electric cars, which encompasses the establishment of a national network of electric vehicle charging stations, regulation of the electric vehicle market, and promotion of associated industries. These measures aim to reduce emissions, energy consumption, and maintain the quality of roads in the UAE.

Sheikha Mariam bint Mohamed Appointed President of National Centre for Education Quality in UAE

The cabinet meeting also saw the appointment of Sheikha Mariam bint Mohamed as the President of the National Centre for Education Quality. The center will play a crucial role in monitoring and improving the education sector, ensuring the country's education system prepares the next generation effectively. Sheikh Mohammed expressed optimism about Sheikha Mariam's appointment, highlighting her contribution to the country's educational system under the supervision of Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed.

UAE Prime Minister Emphasizes Well-being and Quality of Life as Top Priority in Nation's Future

Looking towards the future, Sheikh Mohammed acknowledged the rapidly changing world and evolving leadership patterns. He expressed his optimism about the acceleration of life in the country in the coming years, while emphasizing that the well-being and quality of life of individuals will always remain a top priority on the government's agenda.

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