The way to deliver slaughtered animals from Dubai slaughterhouses

Dubai slaughterhouses that are affiliated with Dubai Municipality have begun making preparations to welcome Eid al-Adha. This is being done to ensure that their services are provided in accordance with the highest and most effective standards. Additionally, cooperation is taking place with a group of smart applications to buy livestock, which eliminates the need for the customer to personally visit the slaughterhouse.

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In addition, there is an option for home delivery service, which comes with intuitive software for placing orders for killed animals. Which are slaughtered under the supervision of the municipality in the abattoirs 4 applications, which are the "livestock" application, the "Turkish slaughterhouse" application, the "Shabab Al-Fareej" application, and the "home sacrifices" application respectively. It is also permissible to request sacrifices from charity groups such as the Red Crescent Authority, the Al-Ihsan Charity Association, the Dar Al-Bar Association, and the Dubai Charity Association. In addition to the Emirates Food Bank, the Sharjah Charity Association and the Beit Al Khair Association both contribute to the cause.

Dubai Municipality provides smart applications to request sacrificial animals

Abattoirs in Dubai that are affiliated with the Dubai Municipality are eager to make every effort to make customers happy, and to provide high-quality services that are compatible with their aspirations and needs. This includes taking into account reducing waiting hours and speed in providing services. In addition, abattoirs in Dubai are eager to implement all preventive measures aimed at preserving the health and safety of all members of society, as the commitment of abattoirs in the emirate to various health and safety standards.

Dubai slaughterhouses

It is important to note that abattoirs in Dubai have launched a set of initiatives with the goal of motivating and encouraging community members and various groups of partners, livestock dealers, butcher shops, and meat distributors to use smart applications. This is done with the intention of benefiting from the multiple advantages and smooth services that are provided through it, in addition to providing ideally equipped places to conduct business in. In order to prepare the meat after carrying out the veterinary examination, slaughtering the animals, and carrying out the final veterinary examination in preparation for its delivery to the homes of the customers, it is not necessary for the consumers to personally appear at the slaughterhouses. traffic congestion.

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