Sharjah's Africa Institute Cancels David Adjaye's Campus Project

Sharjah's Africa Institute has terminated a prominent architectural venture following accusations against Sir David Adjaye, the founder of Adjaye Associated.

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Adjaye Associated Architectural Project Cancelled Amidst Allegations

The institute announced the cancellation of the construction of a new campus designed by the architect, which was unveiled two years ago. The decision comes in response to allegations of sexual misconduct and exploitation made against Sir David. Hoor Al Qasimi, the president of Sharjah's Africa Institute, expressed deep concern and stated that the decision would not impact the ongoing research and educational activities at the institute's current facilities. The Africa Institute remains committed to its mission of nurturing critical thinkers in African and African diaspora studies.

Allegations Prompt Resignation and Project Reconsideration

Following the recent report of serious allegations against Sir David Adjaye, the renowned architect has chosen to resign from multiple positions to prevent the claims from overshadowing the organizations he is associated with. While he firmly denies the allegations of sexual assault and harassment, Sir David acknowledges the importance of restoring trust and accountability. Consequently, he has stepped down from various personal roles. The Royal Institute of British Architects, which bestowed a royal gold medal upon Sir David in 2021, refrained from commenting until the facts surrounding the allegations have been established. They urged individuals who have faced unacceptable behavior to report it for their own investigation.

Implications and Consequences for Sir David Adjaye

The Architects Registration Board, the regulatory body for the industry, has asserted its commitment to investigating complaints against architects who fail to meet the standards outlined in the Architects Code or have been convicted of criminal offenses. In light of the serious and concerning allegations against Sir David Adjaye, his involvement in prominent projects has been curtailed. He is no longer engaged in the UK National Holocaust Memorial project, nor is he part of the design team for the Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon. Furthermore, he has resigned from his advisory position to London Mayor Sadiq Khan and stepped down as a trustee of the Serpentine Galleries. Despite these developments, Sir David's portfolio includes notable achievements such as the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington.

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