Emiratis in Sharjah praise Ruler's job commitment, talent boost.

New Opportunities and Job Security for Emiratis in Sharjah , A recent decree by Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah, has garnered widespread praise among Emiratis in the region.

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Ruler's Decree in Sharjah Ensures Job Opportunities and Security for Emiratis

The decree mandates the provision of suitable employment opportunities for all citizens aged 18 to 60 years, aiming to address the misapplication of a 2018 law that inadvertently limited job prospects for citizens aged 30 and above. By rectifying this misinterpretation, the Ruler's decision is expected to open up new horizons and instill extra job security for Emiratis seeking employment. The move aligns with the UAE's ongoing efforts to fulfill the quota of Emiratis employed by private companies and foster a sustainable and inclusive job market.

Addressing Job Demand and Retaining Local Talent

Sheikh Dr. Sultan highlighted the rising demand for jobs in Sharjah, particularly in recent months, reflecting the emirate's thriving economy and desirable working conditions. The decision to embrace a four-day workweek, provide generous benefits like maternity leave and annual leave, and ensure a fair standard of living has made Sharjah an attractive destination for job seekers. Moreover, the Ruler emphasized that the retention of experienced Emirati talent would be mutually beneficial, enabling the government to make the most of their expertise and contribute to the nation's progress. The assurance of a comfortable life and job security has relieved many Emiratis from concerns about retirement or redundancy.

Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Age Discrimination

The decree has shattered the stigma of age-related barriers in job opportunities for Emiratis. Previously, individuals over the age of 30 often faced challenges in securing government jobs, despite having valuable experience. This age factor acted as a significant hindrance, leading some to explore opportunities in the private sector to gain experience before reapplying for relevant government roles. However, with the new decree in place, Emiratis can now confidently pursue their desired careers, knowing that age will no longer be a disqualifying factor. The shift in mindset is empowering Emiratis to unleash their full potential, ensuring that their contributions to the workforce are valued and appreciated, regardless of age.

A Testament to Leadership and Compassion

The profound impact of Sheikh Dr. Sultan's decision goes beyond just job opportunities; it is a testament to his visionary leadership and compassion towards his people. Emiratis like Ahmed Abdelrzaq, who retired from his TV career, expressed their gratitude for the Ruler's actions. The decree has provided retirees with newfound hope and the assurance that retirement is not the end of their journey. The Ruler's commitment to providing for the comfort and welfare of all residents demonstrates his role as a fatherly figure, deeply invested in the well-being and happiness of his people. Through this decree, Sheikh Dr. Sultan continues to pave the way for a prosperous and inclusive future for the citizens of Sharjah.

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