Pope Francis Praises UAE's Peace and Tolerance Initiatives

Pope Francis commends the UAE for its pivotal role in fostering global peace, tolerance, and coexistence. In an interview with Al Ittihad newspaper published on Monday, the Pontiff lauds President Sheikh Mohamed's dedication to these principles, as well as his efforts in combating diseases worldwide and upholding the principles outlined in the "Document on Human Fraternity."

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"Pope Francis Stresses the Importance of Peace and Condemns Quran Burnings"

According to Pope Francis, this document, signed during his visit to the UAE in 2019, serves as a roadmap for peace. He emphasizes that a country's greatness is not solely measured by its wealth, but by its substantial contribution to spreading the values of peace, brotherhood, coexistence, and defending them ,The interview, also reported by the state news agency Wam, reveals Pope Francis's condemnation of the recent Quran burnings in Sweden, deeming such behavior "unacceptable." He stresses that freedom of expression should not be misused as a means to offend others, expressing deep anger at such actions.

"Pope Francis Highlights the Significance of the Document on Human Fraternity and Discusses Climate Summit in Dubai"

The interview also touches upon various topics, including Pope Francis's recent surgery, his visit to the UAE in 2019, and the upcoming Cop28 climate summit in Dubai , Pope Francis emphasizes his practice of presenting the Document on Human Fraternity to all delegations he receives at the Vatican, as it is not only crucial for interreligious dialogue but also for peaceful coexistence among all people , The Document on Human Fraternity, signed in 2019 by Pope Francis and Dr. Ahmed Al Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, calls for the reconciliation of people of all faiths and goodwill in service of universal peace. The Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi, a complex comprising a mosque, synagogue, and church, serves as a tangible embodiment of the document's principles.

Pope Francis Praises

"Pope Francis Acknowledges Global Acceptance of the Document on Human Fraternity and Commends UAE's Commitment to Interfaith Dialogue"

Expressing satisfaction with the document's acceptance and understanding by the global community, Pope Francis expresses gratitude to everyone involved in the creation of the Abrahamic Family House. He expresses confidence that it will become a hub for religious dialogue and coexistence, thanking President Sheikh Mohamed for the UAE's commitment to translating the document's teachings into tangible actions , Pope Francis praises the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE's Founding Father, as a visionary leader who built the country on the values of tolerance, coexistence, and education, with his sons continuing his legacy.

"Pope Francis Optimistic about Cop28 Summit and Highlights Importance of Supporting Youth in Overcoming Challenges"

Looking ahead to the Cop28 summit scheduled from November 30 to December 12 in the UAE, Pope Francis hopes that the event's hosting will offer solutions to the environmental crisis , Reflecting on his recent hernia surgery, Pope Francis shares that he is feeling better and expresses his prayers for the speedy recovery of all patients. He acknowledges the challenging experience and underscores the importance of providing young people with the tools necessary to protect them from negative influences, conflicts, and prejudice.

"Pope Francis Expresses Gratitude for UAE's Warm Welcome and Emphasizes the Importance of Equipping Youth for a Better Future"

Recalling his historic visit to the UAE in 2019, Pope Francis expresses great joy and gratitude, remarking on the warm welcome he received. He fondly remembers the immense generosity and hospitality shown by the UAE, stating that the country's investments extend beyond natural resources to include investments in education and the well-being of young people , Furthermore, Pope Francis highlights the need to equip young people with the tools of freedom, discernment, and responsibility to shield them from falling into malicious conflicts, fake news, material temptations, hatred, and prejudice. He commends the UAE and President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for their commitment to shaping an open identity that transcends self-isolation and rigidity. The Pontiff also expresses appreciation for their support of international peace and tolerance initiatives, as investing in culture fosters the decline of hatred while contributing to the growth of civilization and prosperity.

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