Penalty for domestic violence in Saudi Arabia

Domestic abuse in Saudi Arabia carries a one-to-six-month jail sentence and a five-to-fifty thousand-riyal fine. Repeated domestic abuse doubles the punishment. The competent court may substitute prison time.

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Penalty for domestic violence in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the punishment for domestic violence is imprisonment for a period of one month, which can reach a maximum of six months, along with a fine beginning at five thousand and a maximum of fifty thousand Saudi riyals, and in some cases only imposes a penalty applied, and in the event that the recidivism of this intrafamily violence is verified, the sentence is either doubled or the prison sentence is replaced in the opinion of the competent court.

This is in accordance with the provisions of Article Thirteen of the Protection Against Abuse Law, which states: "Notwithstanding any more severe punishment prescribed by Sharia or law, the punishment shall be imprisonment for a period of not less than one month and no more than one year., and a fine of not less than five thousand and not more than fifty thousand riyals, or one of the fines." Any person who conducts an act that constitutes a crime of abuse specified in Article (1) of this system, and in case of recidivism, the punishment is doubled, and the competent court may impose a replacement penalty for incarceration. of freedom. These two penalties apply to anybody who commits an act that constitutes a crime of abuse described in Article (1) of this system.

The number of reporting violence against women in Saudi Arabia

The Domestic Violence Reporting Center may be reached at any time by calling the number 1919, and in accordance with the system for the protection of those who have been abused, the identity of the person who filed the complaint is not investigated.

What are the procedures for domestic violence?

  • After confirming that there is domestic violence against a family member, the necessary measures are taken to prevent the person from being subjected to such violence again, while providing appropriate treatment for the case.
  • Solve the problem to stop it and prevent its recurrence.
  • Provide advice to family members, in case the Ministry decides that the matter can be resolved in a simple way through the family.
  • Seeking help from the testimony of the parties to the case and any person from the relatives or any other person who may have a relationship with the incident, while taking the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of violence again, while providing adequate protection for the person who was subjected to violence.
  • Requiring the person who needs psychological treatment to undergo treatment and rehabilitation to ensure that the problem does not recur again.
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