New decisions granting Emirati citizenship to foreigners

Holders of Emirati citizenship and its passport enjoy many exclusive benefits that have made it a dream for many citizens of other countries, in addition to a large number of countries that Emirati citizens can Visit it without a visa as the most powerful passport in the world. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates enjoy the finest services and living facilities provided to them by the UAE government in all of its departments and departments, and holders of Emirati citizenship and its passport enjoy many exclusive benefits that have made it a dream for many citizens of other countries

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This fits within the scope of the wise leadership's desire to give citizens with any and all methods possible to feel comfortable. As a result of all of this and other factors, many issues were raised regarding the process by which expats and other foreign nationals can receive a UAE passport, as well as the requirements and restrictions that apply when giving UAE nationality to various kinds of citizens living inside the UAE community. In this post, we explain the law that allows expatriates to apply for Emirati nationality and a passport as well as all of the specifics that are required to be aware about the process.

Law granting Emirati nationality to foreigners

In January 2021, the government of the United Arab Emirates amended some provisions related to the executive regulations of the federal law regarding nationality and the Emirati passport. These provisions allow the granting of Emirati citizenship to investors, owners of specialized professions, talents, and their families, based on a number of controls and conditions, and the amendments to the United Arab Emirates nationality law and its provisions aim at assessing existing competencies. In the United Arab Emirates, attracting people who have achieved a lot in their lives and have brilliant minds, supporting enterprises, and providing them with important specializations that contribute to the country's future plans and ambitions.

Applicants who fall into certain categories for Emirati citizenship
The purpose of the new law is to bolster the United Arab Emirates' (UAE) reputation as a global leader while simultaneously luring talented individuals who will contribute to the development of a more competitive environment. The following is a list of the most prominent target groups that the UAE Nationality Law is aimed at:

granting Emirati
granting Emirati citizenship to foreigners

Investors and medical professionals
The experts in the field
Inventors artists
Talented intellectuals
It is important to note that the law that grants nationality to Emiratis enabled the inclusion of family members of these groups in compliance with the rules of the governing articles. These family members include the husband and children, and the new modification permits the current nationality to be retained.

Conditions for obtaining Emirati citizenship

Foreigners applying for Emirati nationality have to meet several restrictions and controls, as listed below:

Medical professionals
A doctor or specialist seeking Emirati citizenship must be a specialist in a unique scientific field or fields that are required and important to the state, have at least 10 years of practical experience, and be a member of a reputable organization in his field.

Inventors class
For inventors to apply for Emirati nationality, they must obtain a Ministry of Economy-approved patent or a letter of recommendation from a recognized international entity that adds value to the country's economy. You may learn about UAE patent registration requirements, fees, and more.

How do foreigners become Emiratis?

The offices of rulers and crown princes, local emirate executive councils, and the Council of Ministers can nominate qualified nationals for Emirati citizenship.

Other citizenship requirements?
Other requirements for Emirati citizenship include:

State allegiance oath
Accepting UAE legislation
Inform the responsible department if he gains or loses nationality.

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