More Rain Expected as Dubai and Sharjah Experience Storms

Over the past weekend, Dubai and Sharjah in the UAE encountered a series of intense storms, leading to further wet weather on Monday. The aftermath of these storms resulted in fallen trees, waterlogged roads, and reduced visibility due to dust storms.

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Rainy Conditions Persist in UAE, Causing Disruptions in Dubai and Sharjah

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) highlighted the likelihood of ongoing adverse weather conditions until Thursday, particularly affecting the eastern parts of the Emirates. The NCM issued warnings of potential downpours over various regions of the country , In Al Dhafra, the western region of Abu Dhabi, a light rainfall was documented around 4pm on Monday. The NCM explained that strengthening winds could contribute to more dust storms, further hindering visibility in certain areas. Despite this, the NCM forecasted a "mostly sunny" day for Dubai and Abu Dhabi on Monday. A weather system with lower pressure was also noted, traveling eastwards towards the western part of the country. This system was expected to bring varying intensities of rainfall, possibly accompanied by thunder and lightning in specific regions, including Al Ain.

Disrupted by Storms: Dubai and Sharjah Battle Unstable Weather Conditions

In Dubai, the unstable weather conditions led to over 100 emergency calls on Saturday. High winds knocked down trees, while heavy rain and dust storms impaired visibility and caused chaos on the roads. Dubai Municipality temporarily closed public parks from 6pm on Sunday, along with beaches offering night swimming from 7pm. However, as the weather conditions eased on Monday, these public spaces were reopened , Sharjah experienced similar challenges, with downpours and powerful winds causing damage to buildings. Shattered glass windows and damaged facades of businesses were reported, prompting Sharjah Municipality to temporarily close its public parks. These green spaces were eventually reopened on Sunday. Sharjah Police offered guidance to motorists on documenting insurance claims for vehicle damage sustained during the inclement weather. They recommended utilizing the "To Who it May Concern" certificate available through their online app, requiring details of the incident, images of the damage, and insurance information.

Weather Woes Across UAE: Flood Warnings in Ras Al Khaimah and Hazardous Roads in Al Ain

Police in Ras Al Khaimah cautioned the public to steer clear of flood-risk areas as the Wadi Shawka dam reached full capacity due to persistent rain. Meanwhile, Al Ain encountered heavy rain on Friday, resulting in hazardous conditions on the roads. The weather patterns continued to create challenges and disruptions across various parts of the UAE, prompting authorities and residents to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.

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