Khalifa University and UAE University Among Global Top 300

In the latest edition of the University Rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds, two UAE-based universities, Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in Al Ain, have secured spots among the top 300 institutions worldwide.

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Khalifa University and UAEU Earn Places Among Top 300 Global Universities

Khalifa University achieved an impressive ranking of 230th place with a commendable overall score of 41.6, while UAEU secured the 290th spot with a total score of 35.9. This recognition highlights the significant contributions of these institutions to the UAE's educational landscape and strategic economic sectors.

Commitment to Knowledge Economy Sets Khalifa University Apart

As the leading institution in the UAE, Khalifa University's representation in the QS World University Rankings 2024 reflects its unwavering dedication to advancing the nation's educational objectives and strategic economic domains. A representative for Khalifa University expressed confidence that their steadfast commitment to intellectual capital creation positions them as a key contributor to the knowledge economy, not only within the UAE but also in the wider region.

Consistent Excellence for Khalifa University and UAEU

Both Khalifa University and UAEU have demonstrated remarkable consistency in their performance, as they were also included in the top 300 universities in last year's rankings. In the 2023 rankings, Khalifa University achieved an impressive 181st position, while UAEU secured the 296th spot. This sustained recognition reaffirms the institutions' dedication to academic excellence and their ability to remain at the forefront of global education.

Global University Rankings: Leaders in Education

The comprehensive rankings were led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States, which secured the top position with a perfect score of 100. Following closely were prestigious institutions such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, along with Harvard University and Stanford University in the United States, completing the top 5. The rankings considered various factors, including academic and employer reputations, sustainability, and employment outcomes, among others, providing a holistic assessment of universities worldwide.

UAE Universities' Strong Presence in Global Rankings

The UAE's presence in the global rankings extends beyond Khalifa University and UAEU, with four additional universities making their mark in the top 600. American University Sharjah secured the 364th position with a score of 30.3, while the University of Sharjah ranked 465th with a score of 24.7. Ajman University and Canadian University Dubai shared the 551st place, both attaining a score of 21.3. Abu Dhabi University secured the 580th spot with a score of 20.4. These achievements highlight the UAE's commitment to delivering world-class education and preparing students for successful careers.

ADU's Ongoing Commitment to Excellence

The recognition received by Abu Dhabi University in the global rankings is a testament to its continuous efforts to enhance the educational experience for students, researchers, and faculty members. Professor Ghassan Aouad, the chancellor of ADU, expressed pride in the institution's recognition and emphasized their commitment to delivering cutting-edge, internationally accredited academic programs that equip students with the necessary skills and resources to excel in their future careers. ADU's dedication to adhering to international standards and best practices solidifies its position as a leading institution in the UAE's educational landscape.

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