Iraq's PM Orders Probe into Bear Crate Escape on Dubai-Bound Flight

In response to a bear's unexpected escape from a crate within the cargo hold of an Iraqi Airways plane at Dubai International Airport, Iraq's Prime Minister, Mohammed Shia Al Sudani, has taken decisive action.

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Bear Escape Incident Prompts Investigation by Iraq's Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's media office revealed that he has directed the Transport Minister, Razzaq Al Saadawi, to launch an inquiry into the incident.

Probe Initiated by Iraqi Prime Minister Amidst Bear Escape Incident

The Prime Minister's office issued a statement in Arabic, stating, "Following a report of an aircraft malfunction from the office of the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Al Sudani instructed the Minister of Transportation to promptly investigate the causes of the malfunction. This incident had adverse effects on the aircraft's operations, flights, and passenger services."

Apology and Assurance: Iraqi Airways Responds to Bear Escape Incident

Iraqi Airways extended an apology for the incident that transpired on a flight from Baghdad International Airport to Dubai. The airline emphasized that the delay occurred due to factors beyond their control, specifically involving a shipment within the cargo hold , Upon its arrival at Dubai Airport, the bear managed to escape from its designated crate, leading to a need for sedation and the involvement of a specialized team to safely remove the animal from the plane. The airline assured that their actions were in accordance with international standards for animal welfare.

Swift Resolution and Passenger Safety: Iraqi Airways' Response to Bear Escape

After ensuring that the incident had not caused any damage to the aircraft, the flight returned to Baghdad. Although the airline did not disclose the purpose of transporting the bear to the UAE, it affirmed that all necessary measures were taken to address the situation and ensure the safety of passengers and the animal , Iraqi Airways' flights typically arrive at Terminal 2 of Dubai International Airport. For further details regarding the incident and its implications, inquiries were made to Dubai Airports , Feel free to ask if you need more assistance or additional paragraphs.

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