"Iraqi Girl's Father Shares Joy and Surprise as Dubai Ruler Gifts Hors

A young girl named Lania Fakher, who was deeply saddened by the loss of her beloved horse, Jsno, has received a heartwarming gift from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. Lania, now eight years old, had cared for Jsno since she was five, and his sudden sickness and passing left her devastated.

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A Heartwarming Gesture: Sheikh Mohammed Grants Young Girl's Horse Riding Dream

A viral video captured her emotional reaction upon discovering her horse's lifeless body. Upon seeing the heart-wrenching footage, Sheikh Mohammed decided to grant Lania's wish of becoming a horse rider by gifting her a group of horses and establishing a special training center in her honor.

Fakhir Rassol Mohammed Overjoyed as Dubai Ruler Grants Dream Gift of Horses to His Daughter, Lania

Fakhir Rassol Mohammed, Lania's father, expressed his joy when The National broke the news to him, saying that the gift from Sheikh Mohammed was a dream come true for his daughter. Lania's passion for her horse was boundless, and the generous gesture from Sheikh Mohammed is expected to alleviate some of the pain caused by her loss. Visiting Jsno's grave twice a day, Lania's love and dedication were evident, making the thoughtful gift from Sheikh Mohammed all the more special.

Dubai Ruler's Gift Brings Tears of Happiness to Lania, Helping Her Cope with Loss of Beloved Horse

The news of the gift, which is yet to be revealed to Lania, will undoubtedly bring tears of happiness to her eyes. The gesture will help her cope with the grief she feels for her departed horse. Lania had been caring for Jsno since he was gifted to her at the age of five, and his unexpected demise was a heartbreaking shock. Despite her sorrow, Lania expressed her determination to continue riding horses, cherishing her memories with Jsno forever.

Lania's Aspirations: From Equestrian Success to Inspiring Young Riders in Kurdistan

In her aspirations, Lania not only dreams of representing her people in international equestrian events but also envisions herself as a teacher, passing on her love for horse riding to young people from Kurdistan. Her ambition is to proudly carry her country's flag on horseback beyond her homeland's borders, inspiring and guiding others in the art of equestrianism. Such a noble dream reflects her profound connection with these magnificent animals.

Sheikh Mohammed's Lifelong Passion for Horses Inspires Generous Gesture Towards Lania's Dream

For Sheikh Mohammed, his passion for horses has been a lifelong affair, tracing back to his earliest memories of galloping in the desert alongside his father, Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum. This love for horses evolved into an extraordinary bloodstock operation, including the renowned racing team, Godolphin, and the successful stallion operation, Darley, making him one of the world's leading figures in horse racing and breeding ,In this thoughtful gesture, Sheikh Mohammed's love for horses shines through as he seeks to uplift a young girl's spirits, fulfilling her dream and inspiring her to continue pursuing her passion. His generosity will leave a lasting impact on Lania's life and exemplifies his commitment to supporting the dreams of the youth and promoting the equestrian culture in the region.

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