Indian Accountant in UAE Wins Dh15m Big Ticket Jackpot

After eight years of persistence, Mohamed Ali Moideen, an Indian resident in Umm Al Quwain, is celebrating a life-changing lottery win of Dh15 million. His unwavering luck paid off as he clinched the coveted Big Ticket jackpot in the monthly draw held in the UAE. Having resided in the Emirates for over three decades, Mr. Moideen is overjoyed and eager to share his newfound wealth with family and friends.

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Building a Bright Future with Lottery Winnings

Having secured his financial windfall, Mr. Moideen, an accountant at a construction company, plans to lay a solid foundation for his future. He intends to utilize his share of the cash to start his own business, ensuring a prosperous journey ahead. This long-awaited success comes after years of tirelessly purchasing lottery tickets, initially making trips from his home to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain airports to try his luck. However, he shifted to buying tickets online three years ago, never losing hope that his fortunes would change.

Persistence Pays Off for Lottery Enthusiast

Mr. Moideen's dedication to the lottery has been unwavering. For years, he would travel with his family to purchase tickets, firmly believing that his luck would eventually shine. With each passing draw, he remained steadfast in his belief that the jackpot was within reach. His perseverance has finally paid off, with a life-altering phone call informing him and his fellow players that they had won approximately Dh715,000 each. The 56-year-old shared his jubilation, expressing gratitude for the years of effort and the opportunity to share the joy with his loved ones.

Big Ticket Lottery's Legacy of Transforming Lives

Since its establishment in 1992, the Big Ticket lottery draw has been instrumental in transforming lives. It continues to bring immense joy and financial prosperity to fortunate winners. The organizers extended their congratulations to the Dh15 million grand prize winner and all other winners in the latest draw. Held monthly, the live draws offer participants the chance to win the mega Dh15 million top prize, along with additional cash prizes ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000. In July's draw, Indians experienced a particularly fruitful outcome, with seven out of the eight winners hailing from the South Asian country.

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