How to renew the residency of a citizen's wife through Absher

Within the context of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the General Directorate of Passports.How to renew the residency of a citizen's wife through Absher 1445, as the key Directorate of Passports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia made it possible to renew the residency electronically via the Absher platform, by following the set of actions that are outlined in the following paragraphs:

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To begin, head on over to the Absher online platform. You may get there quickly by "clicking here," which is the link provided.

When you click on the link, the homepage of the website will load. On this page, you will see two links labeled "Absher Individuals" and "Absher Services.

To access the "Absher Individuals" page, you will need to select the "Absher Individuals" option.

After that, the following information is utilized in order to log in to the personal account:

After that, select the Login option from the menu.

Following that, a message containing a confirmation code will be sent to the phone in the form of a text message. After entering this code in the space that has been provided for it, you will be taken to the page for your personal account.

Renewing the residency of a citizen's wife through passports

At this point, select the "electronic services" option with your mouse.

When you are there, select the option to renew the residence permit by clicking on it.

After that, you should navigate to the page containing the service instructions, give it a thorough reading, and then select the Next option from the drop-down menu.

After that, the website will necessitate the entry of a set of personal details, which will be completed with the utmost attention paid to accuracy.
After then, the length of time is decided.

After that, the information that you entered will be validated.

Click on the Iqama Renewal option once you have finished all of the stages that came before it. Once you have done this, the Iqama time will be extended.

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Regulations for renewing the residency of a citizen's wife

In order to successfully complete the procedure of extending the wife's residency, it is necessary to fulfill the requirements that have been established by the General Directorate of Passports. The following constitutes one of these conditions:

The passport must not have any expiration dates on it.

There is a cost associated with the extension.

Before submitting an application for this service, the citizen is required to pay any outstanding traffic fines that are in their name.

It is required that a current and legitimate medical insurance document be shown.

It is necessary to be physically present within the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Getting ready with all of the necessary paperwork and documents to receive the service.

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