How to apply for a six month entrance visa under the UAE Golden Visa

The United Arab Emirates Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has just recently made an announcement about an update to the costs that are required to get a six-month entrance permit in order to submit an application for a 10-year UAE Golden Visa.

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How to apply for the six month UAE entry permit

The price now incorporates a number of additional costs, including AED1,000 for the issuing of the document, AED100 for the application, AED100 for smart services, AED28 for e-services, and AED22 for fees to the Federal Authority.

The Golden Visa is awarded to a variety of different types of people, including people with exceptional skills such as scientists and specialists, investors in public investments, investors in real estate, business owners, top high school achievers, graduates of accredited universities in the UAE, graduates of accredited universities outside of the country, workers in the front line of defense, and entrepreneurs.

Applicants for the Golden Visa may submit their documentation via a variety of different means. These are the following:

The webpage for the ICP.
The mobile application for the UAE ICP may be downloaded on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices.
Centers for the Joy of the Customer
Centers for Tasheel Keyboarding
After the candidate has sent in their application, they will be notified by SMS and email that their submission has been received. In addition, an email and a text message will be sent out whenever an update is made to the program.

Documents required

a picture with color.
Copies of the applicant's passport and any dependents' passports
Golden Visa qualifying requirements must be met.
Attachments additional to the list
In addition to these papers, applications for Golden Visas differ from one category to the next depending on which category the applicant intends to apply for.

Excellent Specialized Talents

The ICP website includes the following occupations as having great specialized talents: doctors and scientists, athletes, inventors, creative people from the arts and culture, specialists in scientific fields, executive directors, and pioneers in humanitarian work.

a six month entrance visa under the UAE Golden Visa
How to apply for a six month entrance visa under the UAE Golden Visa

According to the ICP website, the following papers are needed for each category:

Provide a letter of authorization from the UAE Ministry of Health authorizing the practice of medicine for scientists and physicians.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
A letter of reference from the General Sports Authority or a sports council is required for athletes.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
Please provide a letter of reference from the Ministry of Economy for innovators.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
Provide a signed letter from the Department of Culture and Arts in the appropriate emirate for those who are culturally and artistically innovative.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
Provide a university degree that has been verified for executive directors.
a certificate of experience with a minimum of five years' worth of work.
A pay certificate (for at least 30,000 AED) should be provided.
True employment agreement.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
Provide an authenticated copy of your PhD certificate from the Ministry of Education in one of the priority subjects for holders of doctorate degrees.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
For candidates who have pioneered humanitarian activity, they should fall under one of the following categories:

Members who have at least five years of distinguished employment in international and regional organizations.
Outstanding workers or members of civic organisations and institutions of public interest for at least five years.
people who have been honored with appreciation awards from regional, national, or worldwide humanitarian organizations.
given to exceptional humanitarian volunteers who have volunteered for at least 500 hours or at least five years.
The value of the help provided by donors to humanitarian causes must be at least two billion UAE dirhams ($2 billion) or its equivalent.
The authority and the Ministry come to an agreement on all other types of humanitarian action.
Also eligible for nomination are pioneers in the humanitarian field.
having a college degree.
completing additional demands placed on you by a ministry or authority.
For those who invest in public securities:
a letter from an investment fund with UAE accreditation confirming that the investor has a deposit of two billion dirhams.
Or submitting a memorandum of the association declaring that the investor's capital is not less than two million dirhams together with a legitimate commercial license or industrial license.
Or to provide at least two billion dirhams as a partner in a company's capital.
Alternatively, the investor may provide a certificate from the Federal Tax Authority certifying that they pay the government no less than AED (250 000) every year.
A document from the Federal Tax Authority confirming his status as a partner in a business that pays taxes to the government and that his portion of the tax is at least (250 000) dirhams yearly may also be submitted.
Investors in real estate should:
A letter from the relevant emirate's Department of Land and Real Estate Regulation confirming ownership of one or more properties worth at least 2 billion dirhams and declaring that the assets are not subject to loans should be provided.
Evidence of a place to live in the nation (rental or ownership agreement for a residence).
For business owners:
a letter from a UAE auditor saying that the project owner's estimated cost is at least (500,000) dirhams.
a letter from the emirate's authorities confirming that the project is one in which leadership is accomplished on a technical or future level (project owner).
Give a letter establishing the intended activity (the creator of a project) in the UAE from an approved business incubator.
copy of a valid passport.
legal insurance for health.
Evidence of a place to live in the nation (rental or ownership agreement for a residence).
for highest-ranked high school Students in the UAE: Receiving a perfect score or a 95% average in public or private schools.
an official letter of recommendation from the ministry of education.
A recommendation letter from the university declaring that the graduate's GPA is more than (3.8) is required for graduates of approved colleges in the UAE.
Not more than two years should have passed after graduation.
For graduates from authorized institutions outside the United Arab Emirates, the university rating must be within the top 100 worldwide, as determined by the international categorization approved by the Ministry of Education.
GPA for bachelor's students must be at least (3.5).
Not more than two years should have passed after graduation.
certificate that has been approved by the Ministry of Education.
For front-line personnel:
Nurses, medical assistants, lab technicians, pharmacologists, and other cadres recognized by the Frontline Heroes Office are examples of frontline heroes.

Application rejections
The organization said that if an entrance permission application is incomplete or has data faults, it would be denied electronically after 30 days.

The application will be denied if it is returned three times because of data errors or a failure to provide the necessary paperwork.

The costs are only refundable if the application is denied, and refunds are only given in the following ways: through credit card within six months of the application's submission; via check or bank transfer, but only for institutions having domestic branches; and within a time frame not exceeding five years.

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