Fond Tributes to Former EmiratesPilot tragically killed in Plane Crash

Heartfelt tributes pour in for an ex-Emirates Airline captain and his wife, who tragically lost their lives in a plane collision near Brisbane, Australia. David and Jan Maddern, Australian grandparents and former Dubai residents

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Fond Remembrances for Former Emirates Pilot and Wife Lost in Plane Crash

perished when their light aircraft collided with another plane after takeoff from Caboolture Airfield. The accident, which occurred on July 28, claimed the lives of the couple, both in their mid-60s, while the pilot of the second aircraft fortunately escaped unharmed. As the investigation unfolds, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is diligently examining evidence and witness testimonies to determine the cause of the devastating crash.

Former Emirates Captain's Remarkable Journey and Contributions

The late Mr. Maddern's aviation career took off in Northern Australia, where he accumulated commercial flying hours with Trans Australian Airlines. Following the 1989 pilots' dispute in Australia, he embarked on an overseas flying adventure, piloting Boeing 737s for airlines in Colombia and Turkey. In 1991, Mr. Maddern joined Emirates in Dubai as a first officer, eventually rising to the esteemed position of captain on Airbus planes. His exemplary contributions led him to become a training captain and examiner on the Airbus fleet, overseeing aircraft like the A310, A330, A340, and A380. After retiring from Emirates in 2017, he returned to Brisbane, leaving behind a legacy of excellence in the aviation industry.

A Cherished Friendship and Shared Passions

Patrick Cahill, a close family friend who met Mr. Maddern in 1993 at Emirates, fondly recalls their bond over sailing. As a founding member of the Emirates Airline Sailing Club, Mr. Maddern's passion for the sea and sailing resonated deeply with his friends and colleagues. Together, they participated in various sailing races, including the Dubai to Muscat races and the 1999 Sydney to Hobart yacht race as an Emirates-sponsored crew. Beyond sailing, Mr. Maddern also relished time on land, owning a vintage MGB Roadster car and enjoying the company of Labradors, reflecting his love for dogs.

A Life Embracing Wellness and Giving Back

Mrs. Maddern, a yoga instructor and published author on fitness and well-being, made her mark in Dubai's health and wellness community. She actively participated in the Dubai Writers' Club, showcasing her linguistic prowess by studying Italian and immersing herself in the culture during trips to Italy. Alongside her husband, she cherished sailing holidays in the Mediterranean and maintained her passion for wellness and adventure after returning to Brisbane. Mrs. Maddern's altruistic spirit shone through her volunteer work and support for Guide Dogs Australia, exemplifying her love for animals and her dedication to giving back to society.

Final Farewell and Lasting Memories

The couple's vibrant spirits and love for aviation, sailing, and wellness have left a profound impact on the communities they touched. Tributes on social media and Dubai community message boards reflect the lasting memories and deep gratitude for David and Jan Maddern's remarkable lives. As friends, family, and well-wishers come together at a memorial service on August 11 in Brisbane, the spirit of the Madderns lives on, leaving cherished memories in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing them.

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