Etisalat Users in UAE Targeted by Cyber Criminals

Vigilance Needed: Phishing Emails Target Etisalat Customers , UAE residents have been issued a warning to stay cautious of phishing emails impersonating etisalat by e&. The fraudulent emails attempt to lure customers with promises of rewards, urging them to click on suspicious links to claim their benefits.

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Alert: UAE Residents Warned about Phishing Emails Impersonating Etisalat

One such email, sent in Arabic, stated a refund of Dh220 for loyalty to the program, asking users to click the link for money deposition. Social media users, like Mahmoud Al Sahlawi, raised concerns about these emails, seeking verification from the company. Etisalat by e& responded to the concerns, urging customers not to click on any links and to forward suspicious emails to [email protected] for necessary action. As phishing attempts continue to target unsuspecting individuals, customers are reminded to be vigilant, identify telltale signs of fraud, and verify the authenticity of any unsolicited messages or emails claiming to be from the company.

Staying Safe from Phishing Scams: Tips from etisalat by e&

Etisalat by e& provides valuable insights on how customers can protect themselves from phishing scams. First, they advise verifying the sender's email address, ensuring it is from [email protected] and correctly spelled. Examining the email format for errors and comparing it to other genuine etisalat by e& emails is also crucial. Customers are advised against clicking on any links without verifying their association with the company and refraining from downloading software from unknown sources. Being wary of urgent or emotional requests is essential, as fraudsters often employ these tactics to create a sense of urgency. The telecom company emphasizes that customers should reach out to Etisalat's official customer support channels to authenticate any suspicious communication. With cybercriminals using increasingly sophisticated techniques, staying vigilant and employing these security measures can help protect customers from falling victim to phishing scams.

Alert for Phishing SMS Messages from Courier Companies

The UAE's telecoms watchdog has issued a warning about phishing SMS messages disguised as notifications from well-known courier companies. Cybercriminals are attempting to deceive users into clicking on links leading to websites where personal information is solicited. The obtained data is then exploited to steal money or identities. Phishing attempts often claim to be from reputable postal and courier services, asking recipients to pay delivery fees or track a package. Dubai Police strongly advises reporting any incidents through the E-crime platform to combat this rising cybercrime threat. Brig Saeed Al Hajri, the director of Cybercrime department at Dubai Police, cautions against sharing bank details over the phone or online. Cybercriminals face severe penalties under UAE laws, with imprisonment of at least one year and fines ranging from Dh250,000 ($68,000) to Dh1 million.

E-crime Platform: A Valuable Tool in Combating Cybercrime

The E-crime platform has become a critical tool in curbing cybercrime in the UAE. As technology rapidly advances, cybercriminals are continuously evolving their tactics, necessitating robust measures to combat fraud and scams. In 2021, a significant number of individuals, totaling 25,841, utilized the e-crime platform to report cybercrimes in the country. The platform's user-friendly interface and accessibility have facilitated its effectiveness in detecting new methods of scamming and raising awareness about cybercrime. Dubai Police acknowledges the platform's contribution in detecting and combating cyber threats, protecting individuals from falling victim to phishing attempts and other fraudulent activities. By utilizing the E-crime platform and remaining vigilant, UAE residents can contribute to the ongoing battle against cybercrime and safeguard their personal information and financial security.

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