Emirati Pupils at Top IIT Engineering College: 'Nothing is Impossible

A New Realm of Possibilities , A group of outstanding Emirati teenagers with remarkable academic achievements were handpicked by the UAE's education authority to attend the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

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Young Emiratis Inspired by India's Prestigious IIT Engineering College

In preparation for the opening of its first overseas campus in the UAE next year, the institute has initiated specialized summer programs in mathematics and science for selected Emirati students. The visiting lecturers from India are providing advanced maths education and preparing them for college admissions to globally renowned universities. The IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi campus, set to open in September next year, aims to attract the brightest young minds in technology and engineering.

Empowering Young Minds

Fatima Al Jneibi, one of the students chosen for the 10-day engineering program at IIT Delhi, is participating in the month-long learning sessions in Abu Dhabi. The 17-year-old, aspiring to apply to US universities, expressed her excitement to include IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi in her list of dream colleges. Inspired by IIT professors who have taught at esteemed institutions like Harvard and MIT, she stated how their guidance has made her believe that "nothing is impossible." Meeting successful IIT alumni and student entrepreneurs further fueled her ambition and emphasized that great solutions can arise from simple ideas.

A Rigorous STEM Program

The three-week summer program in Abu Dhabi focuses on strengthening the STEM skills of Emirati students. High school pupils with exceptional GPAs or scores above 80% in science and maths were selected for this challenging yet captivating program. The outreach initiative delves deep into advanced calculus, probability theory, robotics, drone engineering, and design, with hands-on experiments and practical sessions. The program aims to cultivate expertise in STEM fields, helping students grasp advanced concepts beyond what is typically taught in schools.

Familiarizing with Drone Technology

As part of the program, Tanmay Bunkar, founder of BotLab Dynamics, a drone technology start-up from IIT-Delhi, introduced students to the world of drones. Through interactive workshops, the teenagers got to examine and comprehend drone technology. Mr. Bunkar's focus on swarm technology, enabling multiple drones to fly autonomously and simultaneously, impressed the students. Witnessing a drone display on the IIT Delhi campus, featuring over 250 drones forming intricate formations, left an indelible impression on the young Emiratis.

A Gateway to Innovative Solutions

With its rigorous education and research programs, the IITs in India are renowned for producing distinguished alumni, including Google's CEO Sundar Pichai. The forthcoming IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi campus is expected to yield significant long-term benefits, fostering innovation tailored to the unique needs of the UAE. With a diverse range of courses spanning energy and sustainability, artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, mathematics, sciences, and humanities, the IIT-Delhi Abu Dhabi promises to be a unique center for education, empowering students to create and contribute to the region's technological advancements.

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