Dubai Customs Aids Japan in$310m Drug Bust on Container Ship

Dubai Customs has partnered with Japanese authorities in a joint effort to thwart drug smuggling attempts into Japan. Acting on received intelligence, customs officers from both countries cooperated to intercept a cargo ship carrying a massive stash of illicit drugs bound for Japan.

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Dubai Customs' Successful Collaboration with Japan in Major Drug Bust

The joint operation resulted in a significant victory, with approximately 700kg of methamphetamine seized in Tokyo, making it the second-largest drug bust in Japan's history. The cargo ship had originated from an unspecified Asian country, concealing a substantial quantity of drugs onboard. This operation reflects Dubai's commitment to supporting the global fight against drug trafficking and strengthening cooperation with international customs authorities.

Dubai Customs' Ongoing Commitment to Combat Drug Trafficking

Ahmed Musabih, director general of Dubai Customs, emphasized the crucial significance of forging close ties with customs authorities worldwide to effectively combat the drugs trade. Last month, Dubai Customs played a pivotal role in assisting Canadian authorities in tracking and obtaining over 547kg of drugs found in shipping containers sent to Canada from Asia. While specific details about the haul were not disclosed, Dubai's contributions to these international operations underscore the nation's dedication to curbing drug smuggling activities and maintaining global security.

Global Crime-Fighting Coalition's Remarkable Success

The International Security Alliance (ISA), comprising nations such as the UAE, Bahrain, Senegal, Morocco, Spain, Israel, Italy, Slovakia, Singapore, France, and the Netherlands, alongside the Police Community of the Americas (Ameripol), recently executed a comprehensive two-month operation. This coalition targeted gangs involved in smuggling drugs across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. In a remarkable display of international cooperation, the campaign led to the seizure of more than 55 tonnes of drugs valued at $750 million and resulted in 597 arrests. The operation involved monitoring air, land, and sea routes used by these sophisticated drug networks.

Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed's Praise for Global Police Forces

Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, commended the efforts of global police forces in combating drug trafficking and removing drugs from the streets. He expressed gratitude to the International Security Alliance (ISA) and Ameripol for their role in promoting international efforts to combat this dangerous scourge on a global level. The successful joint operation conducted by the alliance, involving 22 countries, exemplifies the power of international cooperation in tackling transnational drug trafficking networks.

Impressive Footage of Global Special Forces in Action

Footage shared by the International Security Alliance showcased the remarkable efforts of special forces teams from around the world during key arrests and drug seizures. The video captured the dedication and skills of these forces as they disrupted drug networks and confiscated large quantities of illicit substances. The footage not only demonstrated the effectiveness of international collaboration but also served as a visual reminder of the ongoing commitment to making communities safer by eradicating drug trafficking.

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