Dh374m Dubai Road Project to Enhance Commute Efficiency

Dubai's transport authorities have granted approval for a significant road development aimed at reducing travel times between Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced the awarding of a contract for the Garn Al Sabkha Street Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Intersection Improvement Project, valued at Dh374m ($101.82m). The ambitious scheme will encompass the construction of four bridges, with a capacity to handle 17,600 vehicles per hour, promising to revolutionize commutes for motorists by slashing journey times.

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Smooth Traffic Flows and Reduced Journey Times Ahead

The forthcoming project, an integral part of the broader initiative to enhance the Garn Al Sabkha Street corridor, will establish seamless connections between Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, First Al Khail Street, and Al Asayel Street, as highlighted by Mattar Al Tayer, the director general of the RTA. The impact on transit distance and time will be significant, with an expected 40% reduction in travel for traffic heading from Garn Al Sabkha Street to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, and a remarkable 70% reduction for vehicles heading rightward from Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road towards Al Yalayis Road.

Four Impressive Bridges to Improve Traffic Flow

The four bridges at the heart of the project are set to redefine Dubai's transportation system. The first, a 960-meter-long two-lane bridge at the intersection of Garn Al Sabkha Street and Al Asayel Street, will ensure smooth traffic flow between Sheikh Zayed Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, accommodating 8,000 vehicles per hour in both directions. The second bridge, 660 meters long and with two lanes, will cater to traffic from Garn Al Sabkha Street heading westwards towards Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road northwards, handling 3,200 vehicles per hour. The third and fourth bridges, each two-lane and spanning 700 meters and 680 meters, respectively, will further streamline traffic and eliminate overlapping routes, supporting a combined capacity of 6,400 vehicles per hour.

A Comprehensive Project for Dubai's Future

Beyond the bridges, the project encompasses an extensive 7-kilometer stretch of roadwork, including crucial components like street lighting, traffic signals and systems, rainwater drainage, and irrigation networks. As part of Dubai's ongoing commitment to enhancing its transportation infrastructure, the project dovetails with a broader plan to upgrade strategic road corridors in the east and west, contributing to the emirate's overall growth and development.


Dubai's commitment to progress and innovative infrastructure projects is evident through its latest endeavor, the Garn Al Sabkha Street Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Intersection Improvement Project. With the construction of four impressive bridges, traffic efficiency will improve significantly, benefiting both current and future traffic volumes. As Dubai's population continues to grow, the RTA's efforts to upgrade roadways and implement safety measures are testament to the city's vision as a global leader in transportation and urban planning.

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