COP28 President-designate: G20's Duty in Spearheading Climate Action

G20 Leaders Must Take the Lead in Climate Action, Warns Dr. Sultan Al Jaber , During a G20 ministerial climate meeting in Chennai, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, Cop28 President-designate, issued a stark warning that the world is losing the battle against climate change, and this trend will continue unless leading nations come together in solidarity.

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Sultan Al Jaber Urges G20 Nations to Show Solidarity in the Fight Against Climate Change

He emphasized the urgent need for G20 countries to assume leadership roles in climate action. Dr. Al Jaber pointed out that the current state of affairs is worrisome, with increasing vulnerability, reduced resilience, and a lack of capacity to address mounting climate impacts. Temperature records continue to be broken, biodiversity is declining, agricultural lands are degrading, and food insecurity is on the rise.

Call for G20's Bold Leadership on Renewable Energy and Climate Action

As the G20 nations collectively represent a significant portion of the world's GDP and emissions, Dr. Sultan Al Jaber urged them to take decisive action to drive global climate initiatives during this critical decade. He expressed concern that his call to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030, made during a meeting in Goa, has yet to be reflected in G20 outcomes. The Cop28 President-designate emphasized the importance of adopting the UN Secretary General's Climate Solidarity Pact and Acceleration Agenda, urging all parties to work together to scale up renewable energy rapidly and phase out unabated fossil fuels.

Accelerating Adaptation and Conservation Efforts

Dr. Al Jaber stressed the need for progress in adaptation, a commitment made under the Paris Agreement. He called for the acceleration of the "30x30" initiative, aimed at conserving 30% of terrestrial and marine habitats by the end of the decade. The expansion of the Forest and Climate Leaders Partnership was also highlighted to address biodiversity loss, agricultural restoration, forest preservation, coastal protection, and food security. The transformation of food systems was emphasized as a top priority for the Cop28 Presidency, urging nations to focus on sustainable land use, crop resilience, improved nutrition, and reduced climate impacts from farming.

Urgent Action on Adaptation Finance

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber emphasized the importance of "moving the needle" on adaptation finance. Doubling adaptation finance by 2025 is a crucial step, but it is equally essential to direct a significant portion of climate finance towards adaptation responses. Vulnerable countries, especially small-island developing states and least developed nations, are already experiencing climate change consequences beyond their ability to adapt. The human impacts of extreme climate events are devastating communities worldwide, underscoring the urgency of global solidarity. Dr. Al Jaber urged G20 nations to embrace this spirit of solidarity and bring it to Cop28, scheduled to take place in Dubai starting on November 30.

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