Close call for Emirates Draw winner, narrowly missing Dh100m

A resident from Italy fell just one digit short of winning the astounding Dh100 million ($27.3 million) jackpot in the Emirates Draw held last Sunday. Despite the disappointment of missing out on the grand prize, Andrea Bellanti managed to secure Dh250,000, which somewhat alleviated his sorrow. Emirates Draw announced on Thursday that Mr. Bellanti received the news of his fortunate turn while enjoying his vacation near Venice. Overwhelmed with joy, he exclaimed, "This surprise is truly unbelievable and has made my holiday a thousand times more enjoyable." Now, his aspirations involve treating his partner to a lavish getaway using the winnings. Among the 11,928 fortunate individuals who participated in the three draws of the previous weekend, Mr. Bellanti was just one of the beneficiaries who collectively received a sum of Dh941,367.

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Emirates Draw Winners: Terusew Alemu's Winning Streak Continues, Dr. Ali Abdallah's Dream of More Success

Terusew Alemu, an Ethiopian-American, proved his lucky streak by securing another victory in the Emirates Draw for the second consecutive week. After winning Dh250,000 last week, Mr. Alemu bagged Dh10,000 in this week's Mega7 draw. Currently residing in the United States, he bought the tickets during his visit to Dubai. Joining the list of winners was Dr. Ali Abdallah, a Lebanese healthcare professional. He achieved success in the Fast5 raffle, earning Dh75,000. Dr. Abdallah, a proud father of two, has been living in the UAE since 2014 and received the news of his good fortune while he was in Lebanon. Expressing his enthusiasm for the win, he declared, "While I embrace this victory wholeheartedly, I will continue participating in the Emirates Draw until I secure Dh15 million or even Dh100 million. That is my ultimate dream."

Emirates Draw's Special Raffle: A Chance to Win a Dream Holiday for Eid Al Adha

In celebration of Eid Al Adha, Emirates Draw has organized a special raffle for the upcoming weekend. By simply participating in any of the three regular draws, players will automatically be entered into the exclusive raffle. Eighteen fortunate individuals will have the opportunity to win a holiday for themselves and their families. To partake in the Emirates Draw, individuals can purchase pencils, starting at a price of Dh15, with the proceeds dedicated to coral planting initiatives. Once registered online, players have the option to select their own numbers or allow the system to randomly generate them. The Emirates Easy6 draw will take place on Friday, followed by the Fast5 draw on Saturday, and the Mega7 draw—offering the grand prize of Dh100 million—on Sunday. Each draw will commence at 9pm, providing an exciting opportunity for participants to potentially change their lives.

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