Anticipating Further Rain asDubaiand SharjahExperience Stormy Weather

The UAE witnessed another bout of wet weather on Monday following the recent storms that hit Dubai and Sharjah over the weekend. In Al Dhafra, the western region of Abu Dhabi, light rainfall was recorded around 4 pm.

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Wet Weather Continues in the UAE, Dubai, and Sharjah Experience Stormy Conditions

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) warned that adverse weather conditions might persist until Thursday, particularly in the eastern part of the Emirates. Earlier, the weather bureau had indicated the possibility of downpours in some Eastern and Western areas of the country on Monday afternoon. Stronger winds could also lead to more dust storms, causing reduced visibility in some regions. However, in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the weather is expected to be mostly sunny on Monday. The NCM reported that a lower pressure weather system was still moving eastwards towards the western areas of the country. According to an NCM spokesman, this system is likely to bring rainfall of varying intensities, with a chance of thunder and lightning in some Eastern areas, Al Ain, and the South of Al Ain, extending over certain internal areas.

Dubai's Weekend Weather Challenges: Heavy Rain, Thunder, and Emergency Closures

During the unstable weather on Saturday, Dubai experienced heavy rain and thunder, accompanied by dust storms, significantly reducing visibility. The adverse conditions led to over 100 emergency calls in Dubai, mainly due to trees being knocked down by high winds and waterlogging on roads. In response, Dubai Municipality announced the temporary closure of public parks from 6 pm on Sunday, citing the prevailing weather conditions. Additionally, beaches offering night swimming were also temporarily closed from 7 pm on Sunday. However, as weather conditions improved on Monday, these public spaces were reopened.

Dubai and Sharjah Weather Woes: Fallen Trees, Flooded Roads, and Vehicle Damage Claims

Dubai Municipality reported that on Saturday, they received 69 reports of fallen trees, with 16 of them blocking main roads. Furthermore, they received 18 requests for the drainage of excess water from road surfaces, as the intense rain caused localized flooding in certain areas , Sharjah also faced its share of downpours and powerful winds during the weekend, causing damage to several buildings. Strong gusts shattered glass windows and damaged facades of businesses in the region. In response to the adverse weather, Sharjah Municipality temporarily closed public parks on Saturday, but they were reopened on Sunday as the weather improved , To assist motorists in claiming for vehicle damage incurred during the bad weather, Sharjah Police offered valuable advice. They stated that the "To Who it May Concern" certificate, necessary for insurance claims, can be accessed through the "Police Services" section of their online app. Applicants are required to provide comprehensive information about their vehicles, insurance details, and the nature, date, and location of the incident. Additionally, they need to submit images of the damage. Once all the required details are provided, applicants will receive a transaction number via email to facilitate their claims.

Ras Al Khaimah Police Issue Flood Warnings and Al Ain Faces Hazardous Road Conditions Amid Unpredictable UAE Weather

In Ras Al Khaimah, the police urged the public to steer clear of flood-risk areas, particularly near the Wadi Shawka dam, which reached full capacity due to persistent rain over the weekend. Meanwhile, Al Ain encountered heavy rainfall on Friday, leading to hazardous road conditions , As the UAE continues to experience unpredictable weather patterns, authorities are actively monitoring the situation and providing necessary advice to ensure public safety and manage any potential risks associated with the wet weather conditions.

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