All you need to know about the Abu Dhabi Bus Card

The capital, Abu Dhabi, had a thriving transportation sector, giving residents and visitors a great experience when traveling between regions, especially those who relied on public transportation. Thus, the Abu Dhabi Bus Card was created to meet the needs of residents and tourists. Continue reading to learn about this smart card, its benefits, and how to recharge it.

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About the Abu Dhabi Bus Card

What is the Abu Dhabi Bus Card? It is a smart bus card through which card users can pay the value of their trips electronically through the payment devices installed at the entrances and exits of buses.

This card was designed to save time and effort for its users, and this made their trips smoother and faster.

These cards are available in different types, in addition to some of them including special permits for their owners. In addition, there are many sales and charging points for selling these cards, which are spread all over the emirate, where you can visit the point closest to you and buy the category of cards that suits you.

As for the fares of public transport buses in Abu Dhabi; They are:

Domestic trips (within the city): 2 AED
Regional (suburban) trips: AED 2 + AED 0.05 per kilometer
Cross-city trips: AED 10 + AED 0.1 per kilometer

Types of Abu Dhabi Bus cards

The Abu Dhabi Bus Card is issued in two types, valid for five years, and below are all the details related to them:

Unidentified bus pass

The value of the unidentified bus card is 10 dirhams, and it is available in all vending machines scattered in different parts of the capital, Abu Dhabi. To learn about these places, you can visit the Darbi website and view all vending machines. This card is also available in Lulu Hyper branches. Market in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

As for the instant recharging and top-up devices, they are scattered in different areas of the capital, in addition to the recharging devices available on buses across cities, in addition to the possibility of charging through the Darbi website and application.

Personal bus pass

Personal bus cards mean cards defined by the user's name and ID number, and the value of this type of card is 5 AED, and it is available in different places of sale; Such as customer happiness centers. When purchasing this type of card, you can recharge it and charge its balance through vending machines located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, or charge it electronically from the Darbi website or the Darbi application.

Abu Dhabi bus cards permits

It is worth mentioning that the Abu Dhabi public transport bus card has a set of permits that meet the various needs of individuals, including students, the elderly and people of determination. In the following lines, we will talk about the details of these permits.

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