Abu Dhabi to Invest Nearly Dh2bn in Early Years Education

heikh Khaled bin Mohamed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, has emphasized the emirate's dedication to enhancing family wellbeing by focusing on childcare, education, and climate change. During a meeting with the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, he presented a comprehensive plan that garnered the council's approval.

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Abu Dhabi's Commitment to Family Wellbeing and Sustainable Future

Sfeaturing key projects prioritized by the government. These initiatives include the Abu Dhabi Family Wellbeing Strategy, the Public Nurseries Project, and the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy. Sheikh Khaled emphasized that families are fundamental to communities, serving as pillars of stability and driving the emirate's development. Supporting families and meeting their needs are of utmost importance and a central aspect of the government's work, recognizing their role as the engine of the nation's progress.

Investing in Early Education and Nurturing Environments

The Abu Dhabi Crown Prince highlighted the significance of investing in early-years education as a vital component of cultivating a future-ready generation. A forward-facing and integrated education ecosystem is pivotal in providing young children with a nurturing environment. In line with this vision, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek) is spearheading the Public Nurseries Project. This Dh1.8 billion initiative aims to establish ten new public nurseries across the emirate, offering 4,000 seats for children. Registration for 2,000 Emirati children aged three months to 4 years old will commence in October, with priority given to children from families receiving social support.

Driving Sustainable Practices and Net-Zero Goals

Sheikh Khaled underscored the importance of the Abu Dhabi Climate Change Strategy in contributing to the UAE's commitment to achieving net-zero goals. As the emirate prepares to host the Cop28 conference later this year, the climate change strategy assumes a crucial role. It aligns with the UAE's broader efforts to combat climate change and foster sustainable practices. By implementing this strategy, Abu Dhabi aims to make significant strides towards a greener and more resilient future. The commitment to addressing climate change is a testament to the emirate's dedication to global environmental stewardship and its responsibility in shaping a sustainable and prosperous world for future generations.

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