Abu Dhabi Schoolgirl Wins UAE Arab Reading Challenge Championship

A Dubai ceremony witnessed the triumph of an Abu Dhabi pupil who emerged as the champion of the UAE Arab Reading Challenge. Amna Al Mansouri, a schoolgirl from the Emirates, outshone over 500,000 students by devouring 128 books throughout the academic year.

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Abu Dhabi Student Claims Victory in UAE Arab Reading Challenge

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, expressed his admiration for all the participants, taking to Twitter to celebrate the occasion. He highlighted the tremendous scale of the event, involving 514,000 students from state schools in the UAE, alongside a staggering international participation of 24.8 million students. Sheikh Mohammed extended his congratulations to Amna Mohammed Al Mansouri, commending her perseverance and dedication to reading.

Inspiring Journey of Triumph: Amna Al Mansouri Conquers UAE Arab Reading Challenge

Amidst the UAE Arab Reading Challenge in Dubai, a remarkable story unfolded as Amna Al Mansouri, an Emirati schoolgirl, emerged victorious. Overcoming tremendous adversity, Amna, who experienced the loss of her ability to walk, defied all odds and delved into the vast realm of knowledge and literature. Throughout the academic year, she explored the pages of 128 books, setting an incredible example for her peers. Her dedication paid off as she clinched the top spot in the competition. Not only did Amna regain her ability to walk, but she also ventured into storytelling, authoring two tales. Furthermore, her achievements earned her the opportunity to represent her country at the International Physics Olympiad in Tokyo.

Inclusive Excellence: Disabled Pupils Excel in UAE Arab Reading Challenge

This year's edition of the UAE Arab Reading Challenge introduced a new category to recognize the achievements of disabled pupils. Ghareeb Al Yamahi, an Emirati student, claimed the first-place position in this category, demonstrating unparalleled determination and literary prowess. Despite being visually impaired, Ghareeb's commitment to knowledge shone bright as he immersed himself in 130 books written in Braille throughout the academic year. A talented writer, speaker, and an inspiration to all, Ghareeb's accomplishments challenged societal preconceptions. Sheikh Mohammed acknowledged his outstanding achievements, emphasizing that when a blind person can read 130 books, it calls for introspection among those with sight.

Sheikh Mohammed Hails Arab Reading Challenge as World's Largest Literary Event

With immense pride, Sheikh Mohammed declared the Arab Reading Challenge as the largest event of its kind globally. The visionary initiative, launched in 2015, aimed to foster a culture of reading among young people by encouraging them to consume at least 50 books within a year. This year's participation statistics were staggering, with 24.8 million pupils from 46 countries engaging in the competition. The challenge, typically spanning the academic year from September to its conclusion, evaluates students' general knowledge, critical thinking, communication skills, and the diversity of books they read. As a testament to its significance, the Arab Reading Challenge has transformed into a beacon of literary enthusiasm, fostering a love for reading among millions worldwide.

Triumph over Tragedy: Syrian Schoolgirl Claims Arab Reading Challenge Crown

In an inspiring turn of events, a Syrian schoolgirl who had endured the horrors of war emerged as the Arab Reading Challenge champion. Sham Al Bakour, who survived a deadly missile attack when she was only six months old, displayed unwavering determination and resilience. The tragic incident claimed the life of her father but spared Sham and her mother, marking the beginning of their arduous journey. Undeterred by adversity, Sham, at the age of seven, triumphed in the competition by reading 70 books. Her exceptional story of resilience and love for literature garnered admiration from Sheikh Mohammed, who commended her achievement. When asked about the prize money, Sham selflessly expressed her intention to give it to her mother, symbolizing the strength of their bond and the power of love amidst adversity.

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