Abu Dhabi events for the month of July 2023

Because Abu Dhabi has a modern infrastructure and high-quality services, it hosts many events, such as the annual Abu Dhabi events, which bring in millions of tourists. There are many places to play football and tennis. race cars. Abu Dhabi has concerts, shows, literary and cultural prizes, and other events to honor art and culture. This page shows Abu Dhabi events happening in July 2023, such as music, big sports events, parties, and other fun things to do.

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The most famous events in Abu Dhabi, July 2023

Abu Dhabi's activities vary in the month of July this year, the most prominent of which are the following.

Musical performances

We start the list of things to do in Abu Dhabi in July 2023 with a prestigious show hosted by the Palestinian musician Omar Kamal, whose star rose because of the way he mixed Western music with the real sounds and melodies of the East to make music that touches hearts.

Kamal has an engaging stage personality, which is why his songs are always at the top of talks on social media and get millions of views. His style is known for its unity and stability. Both of them are unique, just like his voice.

His strong and emotional layers make him a great fit for songs about love, loss, and hope.

Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation is where
When: July 22, 2023, at 7:30 p.m.
Tickets: starting from 300 AED
Phone: 02-657-6348

Art shows

The musical and dance show Fontana will be the first artistic performance in Abu Dhabi in July 2023.

The UAE capital is getting ready to host the unique show, which is one of the most famous water shows in the region and the world.

It has sections that have never been done before in the field of entertainment shows.

Live, as the audience will be on a date with artistic circus acts and sound effects that mimic reality and catch hearts, along with wonderful athletic moves and many others.

Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall is where
Time: 09:30 | July 2, 2023
Tickets: starting from 90 AED
Please call 02 457 3212

Other events

Do you wish you could go back to the way things were before smart phones and high tech took over? Live the "Beit Beit" experience, which will remind you of how people in Emirati society used to live before it became more open.

For example, kids used to play in the corners of the house and trade pillows.

There will be a story fair, a gallery of old dolls, a toy store, and a place for kids to play at the atmospheric event.

Abu Dhabi is the place. Children's Library Time: 10:00 a.m. | Ends: July 31, 2023 Contact: 02 657 6348

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