8 Abu Dhabi Schools Excel in Fostering National Identity

Demonstrating their unwavering commitment to nurturing a strong Emirati ethos and promoting the use of Arabic language among Emirati pupils, a select group of eight prestigious private schools in Abu Dhabi have emerged as frontrunners in a newly unveiled education ranking.

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Cultivating Emirati Heritage: Leading Private Schools Excel in Fostering National Identity

Administered by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, the governing body for private education in the capital city, evaluations were conducted across 87 schools in the emirate as part of the National Identity Mark initiative – an annual assessment system designed to measure the extent to which fundamental Emirati values are interwoven into the educational framework.

Shining Stars of the National Identity Mark: Leading Schools Recognized for Exceptional Achievement

Unveiling its eagerly anticipated outcomes, the National Identity Mark program, launched in May, brought attention to the standout achievers who garnered an exceptional rating. Among the distinguished institutions are The British International School Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Boys, Emirates National Schools (MBZ City), Al Ittihad National Private School (Khalifa City), Al Ittihad National Private School (Shakhbout City), Emirates National Schools (Branch 3), and Adnoc Schools (Sas Al Nakhl).

Assessment Anchors: Three Key Pillars of Evaluation - Culture, Values, and Citizenship

The evaluation criteria encompass three pivotal dimensions: culture, values, and citizenship. The cultural facet delves into elements of history, heritage, and the Arabic language – a focal point of utmost importance. The values sector encompasses virtues such as reverence, empathy, and global consciousness. The citizenship component encompasses notions of belonging, voluntary service, and preservation , In a pursuit to continually enhance the educational journey, teams from Adek will revisit the 87 schools during the forthcoming academic year of 2023-2024 for a comprehensive progress assessment. The subsequent evaluation phase is scheduled for the subsequent school year, underscoring an ongoing dedication to fostering a dynamic and authentic national identity within the educational landscape.

Empowering Emirati Identity: Sara Musallam Highlights Assessment's Vital Role

Sara Musallam, Minister of State for Early Education and Chairwoman of Adek, underscored the significance of the assessment initiative, emphasizing its role in shaping a resilient national identity. She affirmed, "The introduction of the National Identity Mark and evaluation framework will offer parents invaluable insights into the quality of national identity initiatives in private schools. By fortifying the national identity through educational initiatives, schools can empower students to gain a deeper appreciation for their heritage, traditions, and principles." , In a broader perspective, this united endeavor not only nurtures a profound sentiment of attachment and pride among Emirati scholars but also contributes to the comprehensive growth of well-rounded individuals who are prepared to represent Abu Dhabi and the UAE with excellence and authenticity on the global platform.

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